Friday, February 11, 2011

Status Updates Por Favor

I was just lookin' over my list of blogs that I had originally flagged to follow when I first started here. Since its been so damnn long since I've been here myself and when I checked tonite I didn't see any recent action comin' from some of 'em, I hope y'all can gimme some updates about the followin' blogs:

Did The Peach Tart really go private on me or did she just sorta poop out like *I* did? I saw that her last post was 7 months ago. She was always a good one for a lil' laughter 'n bit of raunchiness, so I'm kinda missin' her tonite (hey, we could ALL use a lil' more L-O-L 'n S-E-X in our lives, can't we?);

Whatever happened to Back Seat Bikermomma? Did she go 'n fall off that darn bike's back seat and now she's off somewhere recouperatin'? If so, I hope she at least filed for litigation and that she's goin' for the kill with some BIG BUCKS lawsuit (which'll probably take a lifetime to win so see?....all the more reason why she shoulda been on the FRONT seat to begin with!);

As far as Awkward Things My Mother Never Taught Me goes, it seems like she musta went 'n got her silly self knocked up, so by now she's probably VERY MUCH pregnant indeed. To be honest, I really think she hit the nail right on the head with the name of her blog (if only her mother DID teach her about birth control, she never woulda been pukin' up her guts for all those months in the first place!);

Now, about that Curdled dude....well, since HE ain't been around lately either, I reckon he's now just a big lump of cottage cheese floatin' around somewhere in cyberspace. Poor guy. Whadda friggin' awful way to go;

I noticed that the last time Letters From the Weary posted anything was one year ago. Damn, and here I thought that *I* slept a lot! Now THAT'S what I call one tired-ass muthafucka!;

And it looks like The Devil's Daughter-in-Law has been MIA for a year as hell. Oh shit, I mean, as WELL. And nope, I ain't touchin' THAT ONE with a ten THOUSAND foot pole. Remember..........God don't like UGLY!

So if any of ya got ANY news about ANY of the above, I'd really appreciate a holler (or two, or three).

Okay folks, I'm outta here.

See ya!


Baron's Life said...

The Peach Tart just decided it was all too much and quit. It's too bad because I really enjoyed her direct and wicked sense of humor.
Keep well

Lady Ridesalot said...

Don't know about those others... but I'm still here! :)

Welcome back!