Saturday, February 12, 2011

OMG! I just hadda thought!

Since I now have my computer basically back to myself (that $500+ laptop that I got my son for Christmas was WELL worth turned out to be much less than the time we used to spend arguin' over whose computer time it was at the moment, all the aggravation that arguin' had caused the both of us, AND the $$$ spent), lately I've been thinkin' about buildin' (and I use that term VERY loosely, for I really cannot build a damn THING) another web page. Years ago, back when I had AOL's Dial-Up as my ISP (OMG, did I actually just cop to that?) I had used FrontPage to make a page that I entitled "I NEED WEED DOT COM". It was just another one of my attempts at usin' basic HTML (which I STILL dunno squat about), and it was a very juvenile one at that, but I gotta kick outta puttin' it all together 'n publishin' it in AOL's Home Pages. However, once AOL caught on to it & actually looked at it, they completely wiped it out & deleted all my pics 'n stuff, sayin' that it was in violation of AOL's Terms of Service (yeah, like anybody actually READ those darn things to begin with!....I mean REALLY, what's WRONG with smokin' a lil' weed every now 'n then, huh?).

Anyway, I've been thru approximately 3 "new" computers since that time, but somehow I managed to locate a few of the pics I had previously used to put the page together. At the time I hadn't known nuthin' about the site I now use to keep all my pics & graphics at so after losin' 'em all to AOL, findin' 'em was a real time consumin' project (which I now have PLENTY of now that my kid ain't beggin' to use the computer all the damn time!). And now that I HAVE found 'em, I may just put ANOTHER one together again. I don't have FrontPage anymore, but I DID just download a freebie HTML web designer online called Nvu, so I think I'm gonna give it a good ol' college try, again. And just as I did in my multiple blogs/diaries, I think I'll name this new one "I NEED WEED DOT COM II". Yeah! Its gotta certain ring to it, dontcha think?....or is all that buzzin' I keep hearin' in my head due to smokin' much too much of the stuff? LOL (which, in all honesty, I do NOT do at ALL....but, it made ya laff now, didn't it?).

So now that I've just downloaded Nvu, I'm gonna have to go do some piddlin' around with it so I can get the hang of it. Like I said, I'm not real good with that kinda stuff, so it may take me a while. Besides that, I'm smack dab in the midst of doin' two loads of laundry (see? not MUCH has changed with me at ALL since I've been gone) so who knows how long it'll take & when I'll have the darn thing completed. But you can be rest assured that I WILL be back here, boastin' 'n braggin' about my "new & improved" lil' piddly pot web keep yer eyes open folks!

But until then, have a GREAT weekend.

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