Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Pics

Hello 'n a belated happy T-Day to all. Been nuthin' really much to post about since my last visit here altho today I do have a couple o' pics to post from yesterday's family feast:

This is Clara, the newest member of our family 'n one of my Dad's full time aides. She also took extremely good care of my Mom, may she rest in peace, when the Alzheimer's got to be too much for my Dad to handle. Clara lead us all in the table blessing yesterday. One tough bird that Clara is. We all just love her to death.

This here is a pic of the handsome men in my life: my Dad, my older bro Paul (the just off-duty cop) & my younger bro Dave.

My ONLY nephew, Danny (and I've got NO nieces either.....I reckon one could say that my two bro's ain't as fond of donatin' to the family gene pool as their sister was) and Dave's wife, Sherry.

My very first glass o' wine....or ANY alcohol for that 25 fuckin' years. Wouldn't ya know it but my smart-ass son just HADDA come sneak up behind me 'n snap a pic of me with a half full wine glass in hand. I reckon he wanted to keep it as a remembrance of the day he's ever seen his mother drink. Even my daughter Jess commented about how in her 25 years on this earth she's never known me to drink yesterday was a first for ALL. But would ya believe that I drank 2 glasses of that stuff yesterday 'n I didn't even getta damn buzz? WTF???? I can't get high off ANYTHING anymore for crissake!

My youngest daughter, Jessica. For the life o' me I just never gotta chance to retaliate by snappin' a sneaky pic of my son.

My brothers' wives, Sherry & Clare. They are the closest thing I've ever had to havin' sisters o' my very own, and thankfully they do it wonderfully.

And that's about it for now, folks. See ya back here sooner or later!


Webster World said...

At least you had a good family day. What with no fuckin buzz and all.

bobskoot said...


I have been lurking but first time I have replied to you

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving gathering with your family and Clara. I don't regulary drink much either, but when I do, it doesn't take much and it amazes everyone.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

"Joker" said...

Looks like a nice family you've got there. Funny how we are all so different. I've BEEN drinking for just a bit longer than you've not drank. I'm sure you're better off for it. The curse of Irish blood I guess...

Happy Thanksgiving!

(I had more than 2 glasses of wine, just so ya know!)

GYMONR said...

You little wine-OOOO you!!! Funny stuff.
Big Al