Sunday, November 22, 2009

The prodigal Son Returns.....Again

My dear 35 year old son Billy surprised me with an unexpected visit today. I knew he had gotten out 2 days ago cuz he called me on my cell while I was at work. Even tho the number that popped up on my phone was unknown to me I still answered....which is somethin' that I normally NEVER do with unknown I reckon we can simply chalk that one up to good ol' mother's intuition. It was good seein' him again tho after all this time. He's much thinner than I remember, which is also abnormal...cuz most times men have a tendency to bulk up when they're "away" for long periods of time. Anyway, he didn't have his woman or the baby with him this time around cuz apparently my 9 month old 23 pound grandson has outgrown his current car my son was on his way to purchase a new one for him. I saw a few cell phone pics of the baby and he's huge! Billy said he was dressed as "The Hulk" for Halloween, which after lookin' at those pics, is extremely fitting if ya ask me.

So now I'm just glad that he got out in time for the holidays, and I'm just hopin' that he'll STAY OUT from this day forward. I know that some of ya who have followed me in the past with my now defunct DD diaries have heard me say this about him time after time ('n after time again!), but all I can do is pray that it comes true. Maybe now that he has a woman in his life whom he really loves deeply 'n who ain't just a side ho for him, not to mention the fact that he now has a son of his own, it'll come to be. Besides, he's just too damn old to still be playin' that street-shit game.

But we shall see.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


GYMONR said...

Hey JEAN, great news your son is home for the holidays, I truly hope everything works out for the two of you…sound like he’s off to a good start new lady and baby…you never know what can turn someone’s mind around to a new way of thinking.
Big Al

Lady Ridesalot said...

Congrats on the reunion! A mother's intuition is pretty strong, as you've proven. I hope you and your son and new "hulky" grandson have a great Thanksgiving with each other. Keep the faith!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Peach Tart said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Good news about your son. Maybe the lady and son will turn him around this time.

"Joker" said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your son gets his collective shit together for the sake of his child if not for himself. Take advantage of Thursday to start fattening him back up.

Webster World said...

Hope all works out. There is always tomorrow. Just keep the faith.