Friday, November 27, 2009

1 last T-Day pic

Jeez, this kid is always the quietest one 'n the best behaved in the whole damn bunch, as well as bein' the most enjoyable kid that anyone would EVER wanna have, that I completely forgot to include this pic of him with the last bunch o' pics from yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner:

He's very camera shy so it took some warmin' up on his part just to get him to turn 'n face me, but I sneaked in this pic of him from behind. He thinks he's a big boy 'n he loves to dress "like a real biker", so I hadda humor him with a HD leather, jeans 'n cap last year for Christmas:

He insisted on wearin' a pair o' my old sunglasses for this pic, so I decided to let him have 'em. Once I finally got him to turn around he said he was gonna blow kisses to everyone in the pic (some tough biker dude HE is, huh?) 'n so he did:

Isn't he just precious?


chessie said...

Hello? Yeah those are pretty fun...but I've never seen one in a biker uniform before....
You're a DELIGHT to know...I hope one day we actually meet!

Rob said...

He looks like my great uncle Alvin, could we be related?

Webster World said...

I had one of those once. Dressed like a little boy. My grandson came over and I had it with his nose in the corner like he was in trouble. My grandson comes in see's it take a loooong pause and does'nt know what to think. They are the same size. It was so funny watching him. We still laugh at the look on the little fella's face.

"Joker" said... that Mason Reese???