Friday, October 30, 2009

Comment Approval

Okay, so I'm back with another Blogger bitchfest. After the day *I* had today between my fuckhead doctor 'n our local pussy pharmacy 'n a couple of young asshole female bitches who like to refer to themselves as "doctor's nurses" but who really ain't nuthin' but lil' girls playin' dress-up in cartoon printed scrubs, be thankful that's ALL I'm bitchin' about. So get ready cuz here I go:

What IS IT with this comment approval bullshit for certain blogs? Lemme see now, WHOSE blog did I just come from where my comment needed to be "approved" by the blogger himself/herself/itself? Well now, ain't that just great. I can't freakin' remember. It was only a minute or so ago but I reckon I'm still twisted over what transpired earlier this afternoon while standin' inside the pharmacy 'n screamin' into my cell phone at the dumb bitch in my doctor's office who has a bad fuckin' habit of quickly puttin' me on HOLD every damn time I call there 'n who dunno her ass from her own friggin' elbow. I've been dealin' with these idiotic morons since Wednesday so I'm on my last nerve with them.

And then to top off my already unpleasant afternoon quite nicely, I hadda run into a couple/two/three people here who insist on "approvin'" any damn comment that may come their way which was just the icin' on the cake. And altho ya may have noticed that I've been fairly quiet here as of late, well, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer.

So tell me. Please. What's with the need to snuff out somebody's comment that may be left here for ya? Whaaaa, if ya don't like what somebody's gotta say ya just prevent it from bein' printed in yer blog? Or is it more like ya just feel like pickin' 'n choosin' what ya may or may not wanna share the somethin' that somebody mighta said at yer blog with the entire bloggin' community? I just don't get it. Why allow comments at all if yer gonna "approve" some but not others? Do ya do it to prevent yerself from gettin' yer feelin's hurt? To save face? Or is it to prevent any of yer enemies from spillin' the REAL beans about ya? Lord knows there must be a dozen or so other excuses as to WHY somebody would do that but I'll be damned if I can think of any more right at the moment.

Well, I'd love to stick around 'n cut ya down some more but I just can't keep my eyes open any longer. I'm noddin' as if I just shot 10 bags of some killer-ass dope (no such luck dammit). I'm tired, I'm literally full of piss 'n therefore I'm jumpin' up from the computer like every 10 minutes on the minute to go take a wicked leak thanx to those damn Lasix pills I've gotta take...and yes I'm also full of shit most times too, both literally 'n figuratively I might add, but they just don't make a laxative strong enuff for MY always irregular fat ass no thanx to those pitiful pharmaceutical companies; and besides all the medical bullshit I dealt with today I also hadda crrrraaaaaaazy day at work.

So, until the next moment of madness hits, MeanDonnaJean is over 'n out.

And speakin' of out, cut out that damn comment approval bullshit, will ya? It fuckin' annoys the shit outta me.

But like my co-worker always says:

"What DOESN'T fuckin' annoy the shit outta ya, Donna? Is there ANY thing at all that ya WON'T bitch about?"

And like *I* always say right back at him:



Lou said...

Hear hear Donna - I also don't understand the need to approve every comment. If you get something nasty then delete it otherwise let the rest of us see our comment appear for the next person to read.

Ditto too the word verification shit! Maybe some have problems with bot comments but I've never experienced them on this site so I wish everyone would disable them as well. Just takes extra time for no purpose.

Cash Register Jockey said...

As far as I recall, even with the anonymous nature of my blog, I've never had to screen comments on it. I can see, however, why some do. I've thought about it on several occasions just in the event that my blog could be used against me or if I'd pick up a stalker (as I did with my DearDiary, which is why I closed it down). But I've never had any problems here, knock on wood.

Cash Register Jockey said...

By the way, drop me an email at It's been a long time since we talked and I'm afraid I no longer have all your contact info after all these years...

Kathryn said...

Well. Do you feel better now, dear?

Quite the rant...not that I blame you...I never got the "approval" thing. I figured they'd had a bad experience somewhere along the way-

I'm totally w/Lou on the "word verification" shit. I'd loooove to see that GO AWAY.

Punch said...

Missed your bitchin' ass MeanDonnaJ, always good to read the thoughts a free spirit. That whole concept tends to slow me down also. Most time I just leave them to there no comment blogworld. 'Course there is a side of me that wants to turn on the approval thingie just to read the comment you would write. It would be posted, but I'll bet the language would be blue.

Mr. Charleston said...

I guess some people have had some real problems with comments. My only problem has been spam so I used the crazy word thingy for a while and it went away. I really like the idea of anyone being able to say anything at anytime. That's what the internet is all about isn't it?

chessie said...

Hey Donna...
I had to put the comment moderation thingy on my blog for a while. I was chosen as BLOG OF NOTE, and for about a month you are bombarded with spam on your blog. A good deal of it is porn from some shit hole Asian country... (CHINA for God's sake!)

I don't have a problem with Asian countries, just the porn they think is their right to plaster on the pages of MY FUCKIN BLOG. If I wanted Asian snatch on my blog, believe me, I know where to find it...and how to cut and I don't need their crap-hole help...ya know what I mean?

But really, after the hub-bub died down, and I wasn't getting one thousand visitors a day to my blog, I took that thing down. What a pain in the ass, I like reading what others think, even if it don't always jive with me...who cares anyway? Not my readers, so why should I?

I don't get spam anymore... AND I DON'T miss it!

redbone said...

i like the words that will verify you ain't a spammer machine,

i like them most when there 10 letters long.

kathy said...

I chose to have comment moderation on for just the first time someone leaves a comment. You'd be amazed at what the spam blockers don't catch sometimes. It also gives me the opportunity to send a personal email to new readers - after that they can post whatever they want to my blog. It is a bit annoying when you've left comments many times on someone's blog and they have to be moderated every time. But whatever- it's their blog and they can run it like they want.

Jennifer Brindley said...

I understand that it's annoying. I wish I didn't have to moderate comments, but I do. I get a ridiculous amount of spam. Also, I've gotten a few malicious comments. Like, ones that are pure hate directed at other folks who have commented, or at myself. Any other than that, I have no issue. If someone calls me out, I publish it. The only ones that get blocked are ones that truly need to get blocked.


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