Friday, September 04, 2009

Fried Toast

I first wanna apologize for not bein' able to catch up with anybody's blog lately. I'm still outta commission by bein' without a home computer. The damn thing is toasted. Actually, completely fried is more like it. There's no hope. So now I've gotta resort to sneakin' in a few minutes here 'n there while at work just to clean out overloaded I'm doin' at this very moment. This really sux big hairy mule shlong.

Dunno when I'll finally have a computer of my very own at home but I sure hope its soon. My son is drivin' me MAD with his "boredom". I'm ready to slap the crap outta him or putta bullet in my head.

Freakin' technology.

Well, gotta run. The Boss didn't even want me to come in the office today but I figured I'd better grab whatever computer time I can whenever I can. So that's about it for today.

Again, I apologize to everyone whom I've been followin' here.


Lou said...

Hope you find a solution soon, the place is way too quiet without you.

Punch said...

Lou is correct, wayyaaayy to fucking quiet. I was beginning to worry. Bosses are funny 'bout computers. Silly fuckers.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I wondered if someone tied you up and put a dirty sock in your mouth. (or maybe I should say... put socks on your hands.) It was way too quiet over here!

Hope you get connected again soon... we miss ya!!

jadedj said...

I want you to come back, but Punch is correct, don't get yourself in a crack with your boss.

chessie said...

Jean, last thing you need to do is apologize to anyone.

We will be here when your able to come around...and will be glad to have you when you do...

Be well sister,

biker baby said...

When you finally get back in business, it'll take you a month to read all the welcome back notes. You are missed.