Sunday, September 20, 2009

Many Thanx, Mr. Computer Guru Guy

Well, here I is!

I'm finally up 'n runnin' again, with much thanx 'n lotsa credit (both literally 'n figuratively) to my co-worker slash computer-guru-guy. He was most kind 'n generous enuff to go out 'n buy me 'n install a brand new huge-ass hard drive for my bd (I originally hadda 140 gig which thanx to my 17 year old son's huge-lazy-useless-ass bein' on this damn thing 24/7 was completely filled up 'n corrupted), not to mention the countless hours he spent of his own time both while at work and at home attemptin' to save 'n transfer as much data as he could from my old broken down hd. So it looks like we'z back in da biz.

Oh my God, those 3 or so weeks or however the heck long it's been since this house was without computer access was damn near a killer for my son. He just didn't know what the hell to do with himself. It seemed like every 20 minutes/half hour he'd announce just how borrrrrred he was.....whether it was outloud face-to-face or by cell text message while I was at work. The kid drove me NUTS! ("what's wrong with the computer?"..."did he come to work today?"..."when will it be fixed?"..."will he be able to save my stuff that's on it?"..."did he say how much longer its gonna take?"..."can't ya just get somebody else to fix it?"..."has he even ordered the new harddrive yet?"..."how much longer is it gonna be?"..."why can't he just hurry up 'n fix it already?"..."can't we just buy a new one?"..."what if he can't fix it?"..."how much would a new one cost?"..."how about buyin' me a laptop while we're waitin'?"..."did he say when its gonna be fixed?"..."do ya know when he's gonna be done?"..."did ya ask him if he was able to save my stuff?"..."what's takin' so long?"...yadda yadda yadda he went on and on and on hour after hour day after day week after week....). If my short fat fingers coulda fit around his huge neck I think I woulda strangled him.

Now, with me bein' what I thought was THE most UNpatient person I know I've gotta say that when it came down to waitin' on a computer to come back into this house he really beat me in the lack of patience department. At least *I* wasn't jonesin' over the loss of the damn thing. I'm not hooked on this internet shit like HE is. I USED TO BE a long time ago but thank goodness I kicked THAT freakish habit. Now, if only I could concentrate on the couple of other rotten stinkin' habits I've got, I'd be good.

And since we're on the subject of my severe lack of patience, I will tell ya this. I will honestly 'n sincerely fess up right here 'n now 'n tell ya that there's no way in hell that I'm gonna have ANY kinda patience to sift thru the hundred or so posts that I've missed here over these last few weeks since I took my cyber fall. So it looks like I'm just gonna have to pick myself up, brush myself off 'n start all over again from scratch...'n since I've done it so many times before it just so happens that I'm real good at doin' just THAT.

Before I go I do wanna say thank you to all of ya who sent me luck 'n wishes with my puter predicament while I was offline. Even tho it took a while it really musta worked.

Oh yeah......I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!


Cali said...

Welcome back, my friend. You've been missed!

Rob said...

Stinkin Thinkin is back! I have been paying off the computer gods for good things to happen with your computer, it looks like that chicken sacrifice worked.

The Peach Tart said...

Welcome back sweetie. You were missed and i can't wait to read about what's been going on.

Lou said...

Great to have you back.

jadedj said...

Well welcome back. Jesus your son is making even me nervous. Calm the hell down. Anyway, you've not missed much, especially if you're talking about catching up with Punch and Charleston...don't bother. Peach and Lou however, are worth spending a day or two with...catching up I mean...and if you're talking three will take a day or two to catch up with these two prolific blog types.

Glad you're back :-)