Saturday, August 08, 2009

Renewal's Renewal

I probably mentioned early on in the beginnin' of this mess-of-a-blog-of-mine that I hadda couple o' different blogs over atta different website, (which got me in a whole MESS o' personal trouble at times I might add). I was there for a good number o' years 'n durin' that time I met a bunch o' great people 'n I followed their everyday lives via their blogs.....just like I'm doin' HERE.

There's very few folks from DD that I've remained in contact with since my departure, but one of 'em is my good friend Jaylene.....a/k/a Renewal.......a/k/a oh never mind, u get my drift. I was lucky enuff to recently getta email from her. Even tho it took me a few to respond to her, she was kind enuff to think o' me 'n thank me by spreadin' the word of my new blog home in a post dated 8/8/09 entitled "MeanDonnaJean". So as friends'll often do for one another, I'm here to reciprocate that most wonderful gesture of hers.

This link'll take ya to Renewal's Welcome Page at her DearDiary blog Renewal but I do believe ya gotta be on her list o' "friends" before ya can read what she's written. A lotta us hadda do that over there.....'n since I have a tendency to blurt out TMI most o' the damn time, yers truly is included in that order to protect ourselves from cyber harm (or any other kinda harm for that matter). If *I* were u tho, I'd really take the time to sign up with her (ya can always tell her that MeanDonnaJean sent ya......that way she'll know that yer good people 'n that ya really don't mean her no harm) 'n follow her daily goin's on.

As a matter o' fact, I expect nuthin' less from ya :-)

So whenever ya getta chance, why dontcha go take a spin over to DearDiary 'n check out Renewal's blog. If I can get the details on some other folks diaries over there that I've grown to know 'n love (I lost my password to that damn site 'n now I can't retrieve a friggin' thing from my past bloggin' life), I'll post 'em later on.

Until then, stay safe 'n have a great weekend.


Punch said...

MDJ... I tried, but who the hell wants to go through all that. I wish her well and hope the Renewal is going well.

Cali said...

Because of some trouble with spammers, DD no longer accepts new members, or at least isn't currently accepting them. The management can't seem to be bothered to do the back end work that would need to be done. Telling people to set up accounts there is probably futile.

See? I told you I'd be back! ;-)

mary blackchurch said...

Hey Girl,

Appreciate you stopping by, and I hope life is treating you better than well.

I'm bloody surprised when anyone finds me, been down for the count for quite sometime.

So yes, I managed to set up shop again, hard to get back into the swing of blogging, but it's good for me..getting all that shit out I mean..or so I tell myself.

Have yourself a fine Sunday.


The Peach Tart said...

MDJ - been out of town a few days but glad to be reading you again.

Mr. Charleston said...

Just stopping by DJ to see what's going on. Keep it 'tween the ditches.

Baron's Life said...

AwardGet your AWARD here!