Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Life

(Mr. Baron's Life, that is......)

I wanted to personally thank ya kindly for thinkin' of me 'n sendin' me the Timeless Friend Award. Now, if I ain't yet lost what's left of my last brain cell, I do believe ya previously sent me a completely different award in the past, so for that too I thank ya muchly.

However, 'n I hope I don't sound TOO much like a total ingrate or a sick sociopath when I say this, but (and now, the part below applies not only to Mr. B. Life himself but to anyone 'n everyone who may be readin' this).........

I think this "award thing" has gotten a bit outta hand. No, I take that back. I'm lyin'. I think this "award thing" has gotten WAAAAY outta hand. I mean let's face it.....there's an award for this 'n there's an award for that. There's an award ya pass along 'n there's an award ya don't pass along. There's an award to pass along to yer friends; there's an award to pass along to yer lovers; there's an award to pass along to yer enemies; there's an award for the best blogger; there's an award of the day; there's an award for the worst blogger; there's an award for the funniest blogger; there's an award for the most annoyin' blog; there's an award for the stupidest blog; there's an award of the month; there's an award for the blogger with the most posts; there's an award for the oldest blog; there's an award for the blogger with the shittiest posts; there's an award of the year; there's an award for timeless friends; there's an award for havin' NO friends; there's an award for the friendliest friend; and on and on and on. You name it, there's probably a fuckin' award for it. And the more awards I see gettin' passed along from this one to that one 'n back again, the more irritated I get.

Besides, I'm not all that computerific when it comes to followin' instructions anyway. From the miniscule amount o' time I spent lookin' at it, ya gotta send this here 'n paste that there; ya gotta notify this one of that 'n ya gotta put that up there. Ya gotta remember to put yer name here 'n ya gotta name names there. Hell, half the time I can't even remember my OWN damn name for crissake!....do ya think I'm REALLY gonna remember the names of EVERYONE'S blog I may read off the top o' my head? And to top it off, I don't even KNOW that many people to whom I could sincerely (and that's THE key word here in MY book) pass a damn award ON to anyway....at least to those who ain't already received whatever award-of-the-day it might be.

So my dear Mr. Baron's Life, I hope ya will forgive me for not playin' the award game with ya. Please don't take it personal tho.

When I was growin' up I was the only girl in between 2 boys in my family, so I never WAS taught about sharin' or playin' with others.

So ya see? Don't blame ME.

It's my parent's fault ;-)

(I reckon I really outta get workin' on bein' that timeless friend, huh?)


Punch said...

Dear Ms. MeanDonnaJean,

I am the chairman of the committee for Awards to Crazed Biker Bitchs and we are like sooooo tempted to give you an award for not wanting, liking nor understanding awards, but it occured to a few of us that maybe, just maybe, you would reply by sending a 'Fuck You, You Fucking Missed The FUCKING point' award of the year. So We have decided against it.

Several in the committee still think you deserve at least an "Thought of Giving You an Award, But Just to Lazy to Figure It All Out" award.

Rutherford T. Winklinchester, III. Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

The Peach Tart said...

You are right about the award thing. In the beginning it was flattering but now I just want to write my blog and read other blogs I like and comment. That takes up a lot of time without having to add who to give awards to, etc.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Well... I guess I have a confession.

When I started blogging, I enjoyed the rewarding feeling I got when I realized that people actually wanted to read what I had to say. That is very flattering indeed. Within two months of blogging I received my first award. OMG! You'd a thought I just won the frickin lottery or something! I was just ecstatic that someone thought enough of my drivel to tell other people how great I am! LOL!

Well, the next thing ya know... I receive another of these most prestigious awards. And another... and yet another. Boy am I a Goddess or what?

My feelings toward the numerous nominations I received, time and time again, did start to get in the way of just enjoying the reading and writing part about blogging. I started feeling like I was being assigned homework for pete's sake! I like to play well with others, and the whole point of these awards is to help fellow bloggers gain new exposure. That's the rewarding part!

But, alas, as of late, I've been rebelliously slipping out the back door of my occasional award assignments. I know... F+ for the day! I really do appreciate the nomination, and I am diligent at thanking whoever thought enough of me to grant me the recognition, but I might just forget to pass on the award to others. This does make me feel selfish sometimes, but I guess I don't want to be on the receiving end of the ol' retort, "Oh F#*k! Not another frickin award!!" LOL (sorry, just passing it on!)

So... since I already wrote a damn novel here in your comment section (sorry but I've got lots of wind today) I just want all my blogger pals out there to know this...

If I didn't like what you wrote, you wouldn't be on my blogroll. Anyone that ever visits my blog will know who I endorse and think is worthy of a look see! Please feel free to roam my roll and visit some new and interesting people! You won't be disappointed!

MDJ... You go girl!! ;)

jadedj said...

Har har har. This is exactly why I gave MYSELF the Moi Award. It's about me me me.

This may be the most insightful post in bloggerdom, or is that bloggerdoom, EVER. I think you deserve an award for it.

Baron's Life said...

I haven't been here or on anybody' blog for days as I'm out riding and jut do some quick posts...never thought this would cause such an uproar...lol
You're great...love your honesty and straight punch...and will continue to visit you always...lol..there's a certain something about you I like...certainly not your language, but hey, I can live with that..I knew this gal at work whose only vocabulary consisted of swear words...maybe you remind me of her but I like you for who you are...BTW...here 's another award for you...just kidding

Lou said...

Musta missed this when you posted it meanDonna - you've just given me the best laugh I've had in days. You are frighteningly honest.