Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Young and The Restless.......

The Young and The Restless I most definitely am not. I'm surely not that young anymore 'n I ain't never thought of myself as bein' restless...but lately I'm beginnin' to think of myself as The Old and The Exhausted.

I dunno what's goin' on with me lately but alls I do is sleep these days....and I'm talkin' sleeeeeeeeep. I do more sleepin' than anything else. I wake at 6:00 a.m., get to work by 8:30 a.m., get home around 3:00-3:30 p.m., hit the bed as soon as I get in the house, then quickly conk out and STAY knocked out until I suddenly wake up at 9/10/11:00 p.m. 'n realize that I ain't cooked/cleaned/showered or done any damn thing else. So I'll up 'n take me a shower, get back in the bed 'n conk out again until the alarm sings me awake at 6:00 a.m. the next mornin'. Then its the same ol' pattern all over again, day after day, sleep after sleep. Sometimes in between I may actually have the energy to grab a quick somethin' to eat or to throw a load o' wash in the machine, but those moments are gettin' too few 'n far between. And forget about the weekends when I ain't gotta get up at 6 a.m. I'm so exhausted that I'll sleep mornin', noon 'n nite if I'm able, 'n I'll not have a second thought about any of it. This has been goin' on for many weeks....probably damn near 2 months now....and it all of a sudden hit me like a ton o' bricks. This ain't somethin' that I ever did before, so its completely outta the norm for me.

Now, when I say I'm exhausted, I ain't just a-whistlin' Dixie. I'm so damn tired that I'll even start noddin' out when I'm on the computer at the job. I swear, I must look like I've just shot a dozen or so bags o' dope 'n can't stop noddin' cuz I'm THAT damn high (wishful thinkin', D....those days are looooong gone).

But seriously folks, just as an example of what I'm talkin' about: I fell asleep yesterday afternoon 'n I slept so damn deeply that when I happened to open up one eye 'n look at the clock, I jumped up outta the bed like a crazy woman cuz I thought it was 6 a.m. and I hadda get ready for work. I ran thru the house 'n headed for the bathroom. When I passed thru my son's room and saw that he was up wide awake 'n was watchin' his t.v. I asked him what the hell he was doin' up so early in the mornin'. He looked at me like I had three heads 'n 3 eyeballs on each one....then he slowly blurted out "whaddaya talkin' about Ma?". I did a double take 'n checked the time on his clock 'n saw that it was actually 6 P.M....not 6 a.m. as I had thought....and that I had actually only been asleep for a couple of hours. It was the weirdest feelin'....on top of lookin' like a real idiot in front of my kid, that is.

I've already gone to the doc 'n had 7 tubes o' blood drawn to find out what the hell the culprit may be, but nuthin' in particular besides high cholesterol 'n the like was found. The only other abnormality he found (besides my disabled brain cells) was that my EOS is higher than normal....which he insists relates to me havin' severe allergies (none of which I now have nor have I ever had, I might add) and that's when I looked at him like HE had 3 heads 'n 3 eyeballs on each one....but when I pushed the issue he had no other answers for me.

Allergies, my ASS!

So with MeanDonnaJean bein' the totally stubborn 'n completely untrustin' ('n EXHAUSTED!) person that I am, I'm now gonna attempt to go online 'n find out for myself what these elevated EON's could possibly mean....if only The Old and The Exhausted can stay awake long enuff, that is!!


Lady Ridesalot said...

Hmmmm, I put my M.D. degree around here somewhere... now where did it go.

I guess my two cents would be has Sleep Apnea been questioned?

Or maybe even that, hard to diagnose "Fatique Syndrome" thing I hear about.

Girl, you can't keep on like that, cause that ain't normal for MOST folks, not just crazy chicks living in the bowels of NY!

I had to laugh at your mistaken understanding of "what time it was". I've done that very same thing before... after a nice long nap, you snap up and think... WTF??
Then it's on... like Donkey Kong!

You need to find some energy. Hell, maybe your oxygen deprived... go to the air bar and get some pure sh*t. Just see what happens. Can't hurt.

Take care up there!

Webster World said...

May be too they should nuke your heart and see if you have blockage? I did. They took care of it. That does not mean you. It could be as Lady R said. But do find out.