Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Women at War

Well, it looks like somebody else has jumped on the MDJ's Toilette Etiquette bandwagon, for yesterday someone hung up a new sign in the ladies room at work:

cuz THIS is what was in there:

I know ya probably can't see it all that well, and I know that most of ya probably don't even WANNA see it all that well, but the toilet was filled with unflushed P 'n T.P., along with somebody's "monthly remnants". Need I say more?

Thank God I found this when I was finished work and was on my way outta the building, for it ain't somethin' ya really wanna see first thing in the a.m. before chuggin' down yer first cup o' coffee. Hell, seein' it at ANY time is bad enuff, but its especially wretched seein' it first thing in the a.m.

To be quite honest, I hadda make a pit stop into the ladies room right before I started packin' up for the day, but once I saw that sign I hadda run back into the office to grab my cell phone just so I could go back in and take a picture of it. Yep, I thought it was THAT special!

I've really gotta get out more, dontcha think?


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Too funny. Sometimes the things you can't call a co-worker in to see are just perfect for sharin with the whole damn world on a blog. Love it!

Danny said...

We have the same problem here where I work. Seems a few people never got instruction on flushing a toilet. I have had to forbid a couple of our mechanics from using the camera my employer provides me. They have brought me far too many photos of stuff in a toilet I didn't want to see.

Webster World said...

You most certainly know how to put things in a unique way.

mq01 said...

i got the same situation with a certain new chick employee here. (so in my case it was easy to figure out the nasty culprit). shes not worked with someone like me before. i went up to each and every female in the company and asked if they have ever used a toilet with plumbing before... LMAO!!! ..dont think she'll be doing that again..

The Peach Tart said...

Good thing you took care of it at the end of the day. Never a good way to start the day, especially before caffeine.