Friday, July 10, 2009

This 'n That 'n Then Some


First off, I've just gotta say that our very own Resident-in-Bloggin', Lady Ridesalot, M.D., is a friggin' pisser! Gotta love her comment about me suckin' up some of that pure air to gimme an energy jolt. I'll tell ya tho, if there WAS an air bar here in The Bowels it'd probably contain all the recently expelled crack fumes more than any damn thing there goes THAT idea. But many thanx, Doc Lady, for the ingenious suggestion anyway.


And speakin' of this ol' body o' mine needin' a pure air energy jolt, I gotta late nite phone call from MY Doc last nite...the same Doc who insists that I've got some kinda allergy yet I probably just dunno that I do. All of a sudden, somehow, now it seems that he wants me back in his office first thing Monday mornin' cuz even tho "everything looks GREAT in my blood", he wants to discuss my "high cholesterol count". Okay, I'll bite....his friggin' ear off, that is! Why the hell do I gotta shlep my tired fat ass over to the next town just to talk about my "great blood with high cholesterol?" I dunno why they (docs) always pull this crap. Just tell me on the damn phone why dontcha? What's the big deal? Who the hell knows, but we'll see. I'll go, but I'm gonna bring along the copy of the test results that I secretly acquired and we're gonna get down to some serious biz about this EOS nonsense. And when I find out y'all can be sure that I'll march right back over here 'n spill ALL the damn beans. Betcha just can't wait, can ya! ;-)

And now, movin' right along to the final portion of today's post.........

Then Some:

Today was a day at work that I probably won't soon forget. Today was the day that I got 100% proof positive that Mr. Bossman is not the most wonderful, indearin', carin', feet-firmly-planted-on-the-ground family kinda man that I always thought he was 'n that I always looked up to. And even tho it wasn't a real live shocker for me (do the words "women's intuition" ring a bell?), it certainly DID putta somewhat different spin on things. But, even tho I now know what I know, 'n just cuz I still think THAT much about my boss, for the sake of his privacy I really don't wanna/think I outta elaborate any further about the matter right here in black 'n white...

:::but ohhhhhhhh, how I wish I COULD {without losin' my job, that is}:::

So see? It just goes to show ya - even after workin' for/with/alongside someone day after day, day in 'n day out, for 8+ years, ya NEVER REALLY KNOW someone after all.

And now that y'all got MeanDonnaJean's Words of Wisdom, a/k/a This 'n That 'n Then Some, for today :::yawwwwwn::: I think its high time she headed on back to bed.


mq01 said...

8? ;) sometimes 20+ yrs later too...

Lady Ridesalot said...

Well... I hope the Doc isn't draggin' ya all the way back to his office just to tell ya to quit eatin' eggs! Geesh! My hubby has high cholesterol and he doesn't suffer from severe fatigue like you describe. What else ya got for us Doc?

Sorry to hear about your Boss. New discoveries like that suck!!