Monday, May 20, 2013


Wow, jeez......I damn near forgot all about this place. Been a while, huh? Can't even remember the last time I was here (but I reckon it ain't too damn hard to figure out, idiot...if ya just go take the time to LOOK!). I happened to run into it tonite while scrollin' down my list of browser "faves", so I figured I'd stop by and see what's happenin'. Everything here looks different. Cleaner, fresher, newer...but since I've been gone so long all these changes probably happened quite a while ago, no? Anyway......

There's a few things with MDJ that are different, too. For one, I moved on April 1st. Didn't make much of a gigantic leap tho. I'm still livin' in The Bowels, just a nicer part of The Bowels. Last October my landlady/so-called "friend" confronted me via phone and told me that she wanted us (me & my son) out. Yep, after livin' in her two-family private residence for 14+ years, she now claimed that we made "too much noise". Funny how when I moved into the house back in 1997, when it was me, my two kids, my then-boyfriend and his two kids (only on the weekends), we never made noise for her to complain about. But yeah, what it basically boiled down to was that lunatic schizophrenic man of hers. Me & mine just refused to take any more of his psychotic shit. So since SHE never hadda backbone to begin with she caved into his constant naggin' pressure of wantin' us out. But trust me, it was the BEST THING I EVER DID! Yes, I may have downsized quite a bit in the number of rooms/square footage and yes, this move definitely increased the total monthly rent cost by a couple of hundred bucks, but on the brite side I went from a cat-piss-&-shit-filled-smellin', dog-haired-covered, broken-down, 1900's old-ass 3 bedroom apartment to a brand new beautiful 2 bedroom apartment building with all hardwood floors, brand new kitchen with gorgeous granite countertops (all new appliances included), new bath, with a 24-hour security system and brand new laundry facility on site. And I'm LOVIN' IT!

Of course, with me havin' such spiteful, sinful, sicko kids of my own, one of 'em (I won't name names) just hadda leave the spineless ol' bitch a "goin' away gift" on the day we left. I'll just say that by now there outta be a nice pungent odor emittin' thruout the house :-) which outta nicely match all of the odors that *I* hadda deal with while I lived there. Oh yes, payback IS a bitch.

Secondly, I've added two females to my male duo of budgies. Yep, both guys now have female companionship...and I'm just waitin' to see if either one of 'em will gimme some cute lil' baby budgs. All 4 are in one large flight cage and each pair has its own nest box, ready 'n waitin'. I named them Rogue and Jubilee. Jubilee (the all-yellow one) is Storm's partner and Rogue....well, she's such a bitch that she won't let Skye or anybody else near her aggressive ass. But she WILL allow Jubilee to feed her every once in a while. It's funny how the 2 males quickly bonded to each other and now the 2 females are beginnin' to do the same. Hey, I've got homosexual birds. What can I say?

Here's the cute lil' bitches:
Ain't they pretty?

And speakin' of cute lil' bitches...for the past 20 minutes or so while I've been sittin' here typin' this, my female cockatiel, Zoey, has been screechin' her silly lil' head off behind me tryin' to get my attention cuz she wants outta her cage like right NOW. She's SO damn spoiled, its insane. Sooooo, I'm gonna end this here...while I still have intact eardrums.

Damn, I almost forgot just how much I like comin' here. Thanx for checkin' in. Hope to be back soon!


biker baby said...

Well maybe a few comments will keep ya coming back.
Sounds like the old bitty did ya a favor. Good to hear from you again.

Webster World said...

Ahhh fuck her.

MeanDonnaJean said...

Well said, WW :-)

bob skoot said...


sometimes what looks like a problem, turns into the best thing that ever happened. We are creatures of comfort and resistant to change for fear of the unknown. This forced move made you move . . .

welcome back to our world . . . and don't disappear for so long

Riding the Wet Coast

Brandon said...

So glad to hear you're still kickin' and doing well. You know I've always wished you my best. :)


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