Tuesday, August 07, 2012

No work + no play = 1 happy MDJ

I'm outta work all this week cuz we're renovatin' our offices. We're FINALLY havin' new rugs put down (accordin' to the building manager-slash-super, the current rugs are at LEAST 25 years old and look like they're at least 125 years old), we're knockin' down one wall which'll open up our conference room even more and will merge two smaller offices into one giant one, we're havin' the whole place painted (but with the same pukey color yellow that we've ALWAYS had on the walls....don't even get me started on THAT shit) and we're throwin' outta lotta junk that's accumulated over the years and rearrangin' furniture so that we'll have one big file room (instead of havin' file cabinets strewn here 'n there in separate rooms & in hallways) and hopefully, we'll get rid of most of the tacky fishing-themed artwork that's been up on those pukey color yellow walls since the day I walked in the joint 12 years ago. So yeah, a lots goin' on in a lil' bitta time but it should all be over 'n done with when I walk back in the door on Monday. So I've got this entire week to do absolutely nuthin' but nuthin'....and I'm lovin' every single minute of it.

Of course I'm still gonna have to do the usual household crap such as washin', cleanin', etc. (I'll try to leave the cookin' part to my son since he kinda enjoys it and I don't) but at least I'll getta break from phone calls and files and follow ups and friggin' walkin' all over God's creation to do personal favors for my boss.

It's just too darn bad that it's goin' by so FAST. Tomorrow will be half of the week over already! I'm gonna have to get down to business and start gettin' in all the sleepin' that I can while I can.

So on that note: g'nite folks!


biker baby said...

No rest for the wicked!;)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Good stuff. What do you reckon of the trike on my post 7th July?

Webster World said...

A week is never good. Before I retired I always took 2 weeks in a row because of what you just stated.

Anonymous said...

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