Thursday, October 06, 2011

October is the month for..............

..........shameless plugs.

Yes folks, its shameless website plug time. It's time where MDJ begs on bended knee (but she's only bendin' on one knee cuz the other one hurts like hell rite now) and requests that all friends, cyber sisters, acquaintances, cyber sexers (whoops! TMI), family, cyber buds, & yes folks, even all u foe out there (see? I TOLD ya I'm shameless) to please go 'n check out this new website Pop Addicts. Now, even if this website ain't yer cup of tea, I'd muchly appreciate if ya'd pass the URL along to anyone 'n everyone ya think may enjoy it.

The reason for my beggin' is that this website is somethin' that my very-creative-yet-still-very-unemployed 19 year old son has been collaboratin' with a couple of other folk for the past 3 or so months on a 24/7 schedule. These are all young adults who have worked their butts off and who are extremely proud of the way the website came out, as am *I*. It just started up a few short days ago so they'd like to spread the cyber word as far 'n fast as it can travel. And that's where YOU come in!

Below for your viewin' pleasure is an excerpt taken straight from my son's Bio at the site:

Contributor/ Creative Director/ Graphics: Milkie |

He makes his momma so damn proud :-) You can read more about him at the site.

THIS kinda stuff is EXACTLY what my kid is GOOD at. He actually ENJOYS doin' it too. The only thing is, since he taught himself how to do all this stuff online he lacks any kinda formal trainin' in computer graphics/buildin' websites/etc. (altho he is FINALLY scheduled to take that damn GED next month, so that'll be a plus for him to begin to make a go of this as a career, if so desired) AND he never asks for a single dime for all his hard work. He's created numerous flyers for a local college sorority's different functions for a so-called friend, yet she'll never offer and he'll never mention gettin' paid for doin' it. I've literally watched as he sat hour upon hour tryin' to graphically create the "perfect" set of Asian eyes along with a "pleasing" font for one of their function's flyers. Yet he never gotta penny for all those hours/days/weeks spent on doin' those damn flyers for this "friend". I tried to tell him that the next time he gets a call like that to either speak up and say "sure, I'll do it, for a price" or else to just say "no thanx", but he's a hardhead (like mother, like son), so what can I say?

So please folks.......tell 2 friends, who'll tell 2 friends, who'll tell 2 friends, who'll then tell 2 more friends, and so on and so on and..... (hey, wasn't that an old Herbal Essence Shampoo t.v. commercial back in the day?).

I'd muchly appreciate yer assistance on this. And while yer over there, take a look around. Hey, ya never know.....U may just like it!


Punch said...

good the hear from you again sister.
I tried the link but it seems broken. I'll try again later.

Mr. Charleston said...

Ditto what Punch said.