Monday, May 16, 2011

They say.........

Ya know that ol' sayin' "if a tree falls in the forest.....does it make a sound?"

Well, I heard that question raised on the radio while ridin' in a cab this afternoon and I immediately thought to myself:

WHO the hell ever thought up such an assinine question in the first place and WHY the hell would anybody wanna debate such a stupid issue in the second place?

Well, someone DID, and people DO. Just take a look-see for yerself:


Me? I dunno. I just wouldn't waste my breath nor the pads of my fingertips on debatin' it.

However, the only thing I AM certain of is this:

If ever MY fat ass falls in the forest its gonna rumble like a damn earthquake and I'm probably gonna go deaf from it afterwards.

Ain't no debatin' THAT fact.

So see? Alls they ever hadda do was ask ME. *I* coulda set 'em allllll straight on that "fallin' & sound" subject once and for all.

Silly folk.

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Willy D said...

I started reading that shit on the link. It took a few minutes before I thought: “What the hell am I reading this for”? As long as the tree doesn’t hit me in the head, I’m with you. What the fuck do I care.