Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memo to God

Dear God,

About this May 21st "Judgment Day" thing that ya got scheduled for us....

Can ya please push it back a couple o' days?

I've gotta TON of laundry to do beforehand.

Many thanx,



Raftnn said...

Yes I agree, Saturday is a bad day for me...monday would be better.

jadedj said...

Which brings to mind a question: Will the Rapturees be raptured with or without clothes? Just wondering.

Mr. Charleston said...

Oh God, I pray the rapture is with clothes. Please don't let my last memory of earth be a bunch of folks who look like me naked.

jadedj said...

Oh shit, I didn't think of that, Charleston.

Willy D said...

Well Miss Meanie, if we gotta go, I guess I better make my peace now. I’m sorry for anything I ever did to anyone.

But, and that’s a biggg butt. If this turns out to a hoax and we’re still here come Monday morning, then I ain’t sorry for shit! And everyone can go fuck themselves. Because as the lady so daintily put it: “I Didn’t Come Here To Impress None Of You Motherfuckers”.

Have a nice day. And just make the check out to ‘cash’.