Monday, April 11, 2011

Tweet Me U Twit

For some stupid reason over the weekend I hadda sudden 'n inexplicable urge to go check out this Twitter thingy that has the whole world a-buzz 'n apparently doin' somethin' they like to call "tweeting". Personally, I thought only birds did somethin' that sounded like that, but what the hell...ya wanna call it "tweeting", so be it. It was just that everywhere I turned lately I either saw or heard the words "follow ME on Twitter at blah blah blah, blah-blah-blah-blah", so I figured there hadda be somethin' good to it if damn near everybody 'n there Mamma was doin' it. Once I got there, and as is usually the case, I hadda "sign up" with 'em in order to do anything worthwhile. Sooooo, that's what I did.

Once there (and there really ain't much to that damn website I might add) and immediately after signin' up, I was then given the option to search for items or people of interest that I might wanna "follow". So off I went, in search of anything that would tickle my fancy, get the ol' juices flowin' again, or even keep me slightly entertained. I checked out every damn category &/or person they had, checkin' some of 'em even two or three times over again, yet I couldn't find a single damn thing that interested me. Not ONE friggin' one.

One thing I did notice while I was there was that yer "tweets" are limited to a grand total of 140 characters. CHARACTERS. Not WORDS but characters. Now what kinda crap is THAT? I could sneeze 140 characters! Why, I nevah.

Another option was to search thru my email contacts to find people I knew that I might wanna follow. Follow 'em for WHAT? If I wanna have that much close contact with folks just to find out what the hell they're thinkin'/sayin'/dreamin'/doin' all day long I may as well just email 'em six or seven times a day with a "wassup my nigga?" or somethin' similar. Jeez, gimme a damn break. I don't like ANYBODY all that damn much.

So, what did I end up doin'? I clicked on a couple of those green "Follow" boxes for a couple of various people/thingys that I have no damn clue about or any interest in at all, then figured I'd wait 'n see what happened. And so, I waited.

And I waited some more.

But we all know that MDJ's patience level is nil. Nada. Niet (did I spell that rite? Oh what the hell, I don't spell much o' anything RITE anyway).

Now, maybe I ain't thoroughly graspin' this Twitter Trip that the entire world is on, or maybe I just didn't wait long enuff to give it much of a chance, but I really don't think I wanna either. I came to the conclusion that Twitterin'/tweetin'/flappin' my wings 'n bitchin' from a beak just ain't my cup o' tea. In all actuality, it ruffled my damn feathers more than anythin' else ;-) But really, I'm more the blogger-type anyway. I'm a B-I-G woman...I need me lotsa ROOM to say what I've gotta say!

I may not NEED "followers", but it sure is nice to know that they're here. They're readin'...and they're respondin'...and they're greatly appreciated....and they're just about the nicest bunch of folk ya'd ever wanna get to know.

Besides, WHEN the hell have I ever said ANYTHING in 140 freakin' letters or less?


Twitch said...

I believe it's actually spelt "Nyet".

The 140 liit was because originally twitter was meant to be used with phones and 140 was the limit for a text message.

As far as using twitter, some people love it and some people don't. I have an account there that at best I check once a week and rarely find antyhing interesting, but check just because I'm bored and have nothing better to do.

biker baby said...

I'm sure I speak for most when I say, "We hope you never start in with 140 Characters or less."