Saturday, April 09, 2011

Law v. Label

Way back in the day when The Popular Club was...well...popular, I purchased me a navy blue part-wool dressy blazer even tho, and yes I'll admit it, I was on Welfare, and it cost me a pretty penny even back then. Since that day I've probably donned that jacket not even a grand total of 6 times. Today that blazer looks damn near just as good as the day I bought it, altho this mornin' I thought it was high time I gave it a good thorough cleanin' but without havin' to shlep myself to the dry cleaners with it (which I NEVER do cuz I never buy "Dry Clean Only" stuff anymore).

I checked the garment's label which was still clearly marked "Dry Clean Only". After poo-poo'in that silly idea for a few I figured what the hell...I'll throw it in the washin' machine with the load of darks that I had all ready to go and I'll hope for the best. So into the cold water wash it went. I held my breath and waited.

Now, when I bought this washin' machine a couple of years ago (and I'm pretty darn sure I musta written about it here cuz at that point I was fed up to HERE with havin' to go down into that hellhole basement where my landlady's miserable alcoholic cat hoardin' sister lives) I could only afford the cheapest model that had on sale. So after a few months of doin' lotsa research and checkin' online reviews about the model I was interested in I went for it. Its yer basic GE top-loadin' machine without ANY bells 'n whistles at all and it doesn't even have a gentle cycle on it to boot, but I positively LOVE the damn thing. It does EXACTLY what its supposed to do and it saves me a whole lotta cat/shit/piss/drunks aggravation as well as the wear 'n tear on my body by crawlin' up 'n down 2 flights of steps while carryin' wet AND dry clothes either up or down (neither I nor my landlady who lives beneath me has a clothes dryer, but I DO so LOVE my outdoor clothesline!).

But right before I threw the blazer into the wash, especially after eyein' that "Dry Clean Only" label, I thought to myself: should I REALLY take that chance and machine wash the damn thing? Awww hell, why NOT....I mean, what's the worse that can happen? If worse comes to worse I'll be minus a blazer (not that I can really AFFORD to lose one article of clothing, but I'm just sayyyyyin'.....) so no big friggin' deal here.

And THAT'S when THIS crazy thought hit me (when DON'T they hit me??).....

WHY is it that some people are willin' to go against the rules, some are willin' to break the law, and some are even willin' to go 'n break the bones of others (oh YES they do!), yet hardly ANYONE is willin' to wash a damn garment that is labeled "Dry Clean Only"?

What the hell is up with THAT?

(yeah, yeah, yeah....I know it took me long enuff to get to the damn point, but I GOT here and THAT'S what counts!).

P.S. - the blazer came outta the machine absolutely PERFECT! Anybody got any "Dry Clean Only" stuff they want washed??? ;-)

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Willy D said...

Screw the label. When I go to folk’s houses I rip the tag off their mattress just because it says it’s illegal.