Sunday, April 17, 2011

I FINALLY made it!!

Well, I'll be damned. After allll the years I've been writin' over there, I FINALLY made DearDiary's Top Ten list!!!

Top Ten Most Popular Diaries
17 Apr 2011 - 11:03:49 AM

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:::::takes a bow (no, NOTTA damn curtsey):::::

First of all I'd like to thank my beloved DD followers who are just about the greatest bunch of ladies (along with a couple o' gents thrown in here 'n there) ya'll ever wanna meet and who have always stuck by me thru thick 'n thin, thru my numerous disappearin' acts and thru whatever other kinda stuff I've subject 'em to, along with thankin' DD's very own magician Steve who has gotten me outta a few sticky situations without even battin' an eye as well as Kabarty in general altho exactly what they are/do is still a complete mystery to me.

I'd also like to thank this always-weird-but-sometimes-not-so-very-wonderful-world in which we live as well as the place I've spent the last 28 or so years at which I've dubbed "The Bowels of Hell" along with my wacky kids who never cease to make me laugh/scream/cry/yawn/etc. and of course my two absolutely adorable grandsons who always bring a smile to my face, all of whom have given me boatloads of exceptional material to write about.

I'd also like to thank The Academy... Oh wait, wrong award ;-)

Thanx everyone. I couldn'ta done it without any one of ya.

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biker baby said...

I wish I'da put down in words everything my second youngest gran daughter ever said...I'd be rich by now from the book. She just spouts stuff out that makes any one around turn around so she don't see the grins. Grandkids sure do have a way of making life fun.