Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Diary

If any of ya happen to keep a personal diary over at Kabarty's DearDiary.Net website (as I still personally do, which is basically where my bloggin' began with a bang some time around ten or more years ago) then ya may already be aware of its recent plight. If ya don't have a diary there yerself but ya do happen to know someone who does, perhaps ya'd be so kind as to either a) keep an open heart/mind (and possibly, yer wallet?) as ya continue readin' on or b) pass this post along to the appropriate diary-writin' person ya know.

Kabaarty's/DearDiary's master guru guy, Steve, the sole dude whose been runnin' the site on a wing 'n a prayer ever since God knows when (and you can read all about him here posted an S.O.S. yesterday that truly touched me Steve's Plea so I felt like I hadda do SOMETHIN' besides the obvious (which ya'll read about in a bit) to help him out.

And that's the reason for this post.

Like I said, I've been writin' there for, like, ever, and the few reasons I still remain steadfast to the site are 1) its large enuff where ya can getta nice followin' of faithful readers (and faithful is really the key word here) yet its small enuff where ya can really get to KNOW 'em on a more personal level than anywhere else. I've metta lotta fantastic ladies (and even a few gents) there, some of whom I've grown pretty darn close to over the years and simply adore. If one of us has ANY kinda problem...whether it be large 'n outlandish or small 'n extremely personal, we're always there for each other. Some of us are very comfortable exchangin' telephone numbers, addresses, birth dates, zodiac signs, etc., and if someone should happen to write about some sorta personal or financial disaster they are currently experiencin', we are more than willin' to lend 'em a hand, an ear, and our hearts. And for those of us who CAN, we're even willin' to open up our checkbooks without a second thought. I've done it for others before AND I've had it done for me before, so I KNOW.

But lemme get back to THE Man of the Hour here, Steve.

If ever ya have a problem with yer diary...whether it be pages not loadin', pics not showin', tweakin' questions, setup problems, whatever...alls ya gotta do is send an email to the sites general email and Steve will personally, professionally (and very quickly!) respond to yer plea. If it takes him all nite 'n all day to finally get ya seamlessly up 'n runnin' again (which has personally happened to me on a few rare occasions), he'll do it, no questions asked. And he'll do it to the best of his ability and to yer best satisfaction, period (and please keep in mind folks that all of this is completely FREE...there's my favorite word again!).

So yeah, it really IS a great place to BE.

But if ya already read the link above ya'll see that its now in dire financial trouble. And this is where YOU come in.

Since I AM still a diarist there I've already done my part by donatin' $60...which is one month's worth of the site's runnin' costs....and I am determined to donate again in the future should my finances allow me to. I'd hate to lose the ability to continue to write there so I'm gonna try my damndest to spread the word along 'n beg for anyone 'n everyone's mercy :-)

Now, I can absolutely understand yer apprehension or refusal if yer unwillin' to financially take part in this, so please don't feel as tho yer obligated. Even if ya just pass the word along in yer blog or send emails to yer friends 'n/or family, that'll be a HUGE help. The more people who know about this the better the chance Steve'll have of keepin' the website alive.

And besides, it'll make ME real happy....and dontcha REALLY want me to be happy?

Yeah, DONTCHA?????? ;-)


biker baby said...

As much as I like to see ya happy...I have to pass. My wallet is empty.

biker baby said...

By the way...How's the "The Help-Me-I'm-So-Damn-Broke Fund" going?