Friday, February 12, 2010

Forgive Me, Blogger......

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned.

It's been I dunno how freakin' long since my last post BUT...I've got quite a few helluva good reasons for my lengthy absence, so please make my postin' penance a light one.

Well, it looks like it's off to the funeral races yet again for MeanDonnaJean. Yes, I have ANOTHER funeral to attend early in the a.m. tomorrow in CT. There must be somethin' seriously sinister brewin' down that quaint Connecticut block, for my parent's 89 year old next door neighbor, Angie, hath just passed.

I was born 'n raised in the house next to hers, and Angie was there long before my fat lil' ass ever stepped foot into it. Our two homes sit side-by-side and are identical to one another. Both homes were newly built on prime country land that used to be a workin' dairy farm owned by the Joss family, who still call a portion of that same general area home. My folks purchased our home not long after Angie got divorced from what was apparently a severe gamblin' husband. Angie was a single mom long before bein' a single mom was ever heard of, nonetheless ever thought of as bein' "cool". Angie was a divorced young woman who raised her one and only child, a son (who very coincidentally has the same name as my father....hmmmmm???) on her own....and she did a helluva great job at it, too. Angie lived and died in that very same home....the same as my Mom did before her, and not too very long after my Dad passed as well. I guess tightly-knit CT community members do that kinda thing.

Anyway, so since Angie and her son were ALWAYS there for US, the newly orphaned remaining Longo siblings must now be there for HER, and that we WILL.

So MDJ is off on another early mornin' train ride to CT to once again mourn yet another dearly beloved soul who has departed this earth. This year has really begun with a miserable BANG.

Oh, did I fail to mention that in between the time of my Dad's passing on 1/16 and Angie's passing, that my bosses mother-in-law passed too? Unfortunately I never DID make THAT wake/funeral tho. The very recent blizzard of 2010 putta stop to that one (thank God for THAT.....but I SWEAR, if I have ONE MORE fuckin' FUNERAL to attend, I'm gonna be attendin' my OWN!).


Rob said...

I am in Ireland at the moment and I spoke with an individual about funerals the other day and he was telling me that funerals over here are more of a celebration of life rather then anything else. The two funerals that I have attended in America were very depressing affairs. I guess that may be a cultural difference between the USA and Ireland. Either way, I wish you well and safe travels.

Cali said...

I'm sorry to read about the continuing death, devastation and destruction. Hopefully this will be the "...comes in threes" that ends this cycle.

Punch said...

My thoughts are with you. Be Well and keep your spirit lights close.

bobskoot said...


I also truly hope that the cycle of 3 will be broken and that you can resume a normal life soon. Often I hear of gatherings after funerals that are a celebration of life where friends and family can reminisce about good times past

take care
bobskoot: wet coast scootin

オテモヤン said...


Willy D said...

Yea, you’ve been spending some time sitting in pews lately. And we all know that it’s unavoidable and you just have to deal with it. I’d say you’re dealing very well.

As far as your funeral goes; May I suggest that you invite everyone you would like to attend and have a dry run. If you wait for the real one, you won’t remember it.

Mr. Charleston said...

Know what ya mean DonnaJean... my mother, a close friend and cousin all in one week. Whew! But life is for the living so look forward to hearing from you soon.

Punch said...

All is forgiven MDJ, I miss your insight. I pray all is well.

biker baby said...
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biker baby said...

In a nut shell, my thoughts are with you.

Punch said...

Hey YO:
Mean Donna, sweetheart?
Where are you?
Please say something.
so on and so forth.

We, all of us,
care about you and how you are.

Please report in!!

Your are missing in action.

love and peace and all like that there.

GYMONR said...

Dam girl,sorry for the loss...seems like it always happens that way..
Big Al

Anonymous said...

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Punch said...

Mean Donna!!! Damnit!! I'm getting pissed. Where are you. Just a note to say you are well, just a quick hello, good by. I worry about you,

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