Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bella & The Mentor, Chapter 1

It seems that everybody wants to hear the story about Bella and The Mentor.

I've been coaxed, pleaded with, prodded 'n begged.....when in all actuality all ya really gotta do is just use a lil' bit o' imagination along with some smutty scholastic scenarios and ya've basically got yerself the story.

HOWEVER, be that as it may.........and takin' into consideration the fact that I'm in a helluva lotta pain today so in reality it can't get much worse for me at this point in time so I reckon I'll just take a "let the cookie crumble" attitude and give ya the generically condensed version...for as long as I can last sittin' here today anyway. So here ya go....

Enter Bella:

Bella is a twenty-some-odd-year-old single petite extremely confident yet very much opportunistic beauty with long luscious layers of waist-length blonde hair, a twinkle in her bright blue eyes 'n a wide white smile that would penetrate even the darkest of RayBans who has traveled far 'n wide from across the ragin' sea all by her pretty lil' lonesome sexy self armed with only a fistful of English and just enuff charm 'n flirtatiousness to definitely get her point across who came over to this here Land of Opportunity with a goal of latchin' onto the first opportunity she would happen to encroach upon. But since waitressin' at the local diner ain't exactly a Fortune 500 job and certainly ain't gonna get her into the arms of Westchester's wealthy elite Bella contemplates her next move 'n quickly decides to forge ahead.

Enter The Mentor:

The Mentor is a sixty-some-odd-year-old tall tanned broad-shouldered curly brown haired widely known well respected distinguished bespectacled happily-married-with two-kids college English teacher who takes a no-nonsense kinda "either-get-it-or-get-out" approach to learning and whose successful passing rate as well as wealth is comparable to none.

Now, college may be an educational challenge for some but for Bella it is that 'n so much more....yet on the first day that enters ESL class it is apparent that her only challenge is gonna be the tall tanned Master of the English language himself....and certainly not hidden somewhere in the textbook's 168 pages.

Bella immediately goes to work puttin' her best high heeled foot forward along with some battin' of her lovely long dark eyelashes, a few tosses of her newly tamed tresses and coupled with a couple of high school girl giggles 'n wiggles as she teasingly pulls at her ever shortening skirt length while crossin' her toned legs as she seats herself front 'n center at the head of the class. She may not know English very well but she sure does understand the language of lust.

Okay, that's about it for tonite. If yer good, and ONLY if ya send me lotsa $$$ in the interim (click below).....

then I'll continue onto Chapter Two soon enuff.

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Kathryn said...

If only, dear heart. Do you really want the green from this week's food allowance?

Story's interesting tho...I'll understand if I don't get to hear 'cause I'm low on cash...