Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pass theTube

I've noticed that YouTube videos 'n such are becomin' increasingly popular with bloggers these days 'n oft times have completely replaced the written word in some of their posts. And to be as brutally honest as I possibly CAN be, whenever they ARE, more often than not I don't even click on the friggin' things. But what I wanna know is WHY are they so popular? Have we as a bloggin' society become so damn lazy that we can't even think of anything particularly interesting to write about anymore? Must we now rely on videos to spur bloggin' ideas? Do videos have THAT much power over us that they speak in a stronger tone than the usual written dialog? Or is it just quicker 'n easier to copy 'n paste a vid into yer blog to get your personal point across? I can understand usin' 'em as a tool at times to accentuate a particular post, but to just slap one in there 'n call it a bloggin' day is beyond me.

And speakin' of me ;-) I reckon ya can tell that I'm notta real big fan of YouTube, MyTube, ThisTube, YTube or even FeelLikeI'mFixin'toDieRagTube (is Country Joe MacDonald even still ALIVE, anyway?). Maybe its just that *I'M* too damn lazy...too damn lazy to have to sift thru a zillion or so what I feel are totally asinine 'n annoyin' vids to find one that actually amuses me. Maybe I just don't have the patience to do so (MAYBE, Donna?...more like DEFINITELY!). It's just that I have no damn desire to sit in front of a computer to watch somethin' that looks like a mini t.v. Hell, with my ever increasin' lack of patience I can hardly sit in front of a REAL t.v. anymore. Dependin' on my mood that day, sometimes just lookin' at the damn thing in a blog will annoy the shit outta me (but EVERYTHING annoys the shit outta me these days, so please don't take it personally).

Well, whatever the reason may be that I don't like "the tube" I really do not know, but I DO know this: if ever comes the day when I can't think of a damn thing to say in a blog, I hope at least these two words will come to mind...

"I'll pass".


Lou said...

Haaaa I do know what you mean though some people post a song they want to share or an interview etc etc and that does makes sense - quicker to show thw clip than try and explain it. I agree though that a blog should be about words (and lots of photos in my case).

Cali said...

I looked it up and, indeed, Country Joe is still alive. Good for him!

ITA, when someone posts a YouTube video, I want to know why they posted it, what they liked about it and any other thoughts they might have about it, otherwise there is no point, other than bumping up view stats.

Kathryn said...

I know, I know! Maybe sometimes, bloggers simply can't think of anything to say. I can be overdone, though. I like it best when ppl accentuate their writing w/ gives more impact.
Thanks for the flw/comment!
(HI, LOU!!)

Jennifer Brindley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the comments! :) <3

You officially rock my world. And maybe you should give xtube a try, and see if you like that. (Warning, it's porn.)


Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Luckily the blogs I read rarely have vids. That said, IMHO a well placed video or song in a blog can enhance it. If there is something I want to express and I find a vid that does it better, I will post it.

Ya, maybe I am lazy sometimes. :-P A century ago, hell, twenty years ago, this sort of expression didn't exist. It HAD to be in words.

Hope you get some good riding in there before winter comes a' knockin'.

bobskoot said...


I just stumbled upon your BLOG. I'm confused. Are you referring to blogs where someone else has made, edited and composed the video and you are posting THEIR work ? OR are you talking about videos where the blogger has composed, edited and created this particular video themselves and posted the result for others to view and it is in fact THEIR own work and NOT the work of others.
I often post videos, but they are of my own creation and I must tell you that they take a lot of time to produce. I do not steal compositions created by others.

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