Saturday, August 01, 2009

Whaddup widdat shit n e way?

Todays Tee:

It's been long enuff 'n I've just about had it's time for the mean in MeanDonnaJean to come out.

I mean, let's face it. I'm allllllways tired, I've gotta tendency to get enormously cranky in the heat 'n humidity (and since one of my air conditioners is on its last freakin' leg I've had just about enuff o' THAT shit, too) and besides all that, I've gotta reputation I've gotta keep.

They don't call me MeanDonnaJean for nuthin' ya know.

So, on that note:

What's up with all this "word verification" shit whenever ya wanna leave a comment in someone's blog? To sum it up in one word, it's freakin'........


I mean, here I go, takin' up what is probably more time than it normally takes to type up my OWN damn post in my OWN damn blog cuz I'm puttin' all my hard-thought-out heartfelt words down in someone else's blog makin' sure that I've dotted all my i's 'n crossed all my t's so to speak 'n I've probably edited 'n re-edited the damn comment about six times already as it is 'n I'm ready to hit that "submit" button (or whatever the hell the damn thing says) 'n so I hit "submit" (or whatever) 'n BAM!....up pops ANOTHER useless somethin'-or-other-box tellin' me that now I've gotta type in the EXACT word I see in the box below when, by the way, 99 outta 100 times the damn word I've gotta duplicate ain't EVEN a REAL word to begin with cuz I ain't never heard of it or seen it in Webster's or in anybody else's friggin' dictionary I might add.

Sooooooooo........whaddup widdat shit n e way?

Now, I know I don't have a fistful o' faithful followers like a lotta u guys have :::::::sniff, sniff mmmm hmmmm I'll be okay::::::::: so an abundance o' comments I have not received nor have I hadda deal with. But what I wanna know is this:

1) what the hell is the friggin' purpose o' the whole damn thing? and
2) who the hell makes UP those damn words, anyway?

Words like:

octgulw filense qreapgh vriumlp kasdfnr poezrxa exocbam

What the fuck language IS that? Martian? (I always KNEW lil' green men were watchin'!) Orkan? (uh oh, look out Mindy!) Heirogyptian? (see? I can make up words too!)

So, come on folks. Gimme a damn break already. Get rid o' that word verification crap 'n take a gamble in life. Whaddaya got to lose? A couple o' unwanted comments here 'n there?

Hey, as long as Mork don't leave ya one sayin' Na-nu Na-nu, I think ya can handle it.


Punch said...

MeanDonna...don't wanta set you off 'cause you have a real short fuse, kinka like an overloaded electric circuit, yet again I feel obligated to comment. Yaknow, what with you not having a lot of followers and all, btw I will join, scouts honor, just as soon as i get through writing this comment and checking it and the i's and t's and spelling, why the fuckhell no spell check, now that is bogus, damfuckination. (but i digress) See if i leave now to join, all this typing will go away and wtf i have to do it all over again, and now the words begin to sound cross and bitchie, and you think i'm bitchin' at you, and you get all bitchin' and all and i'm kicked out befor i even can join. See why I'm nervious? Anyway the word thing. It is what you say it is, but the people (and you know this) who use them don't think like you and me. So in the greater scheme of things, your blog today was posted for me to read and understand that i'm not the only one with that understanding of life. I like that Heirogyptian thing. I'll rip that off, if i can remember to.

Cali said...

God, I'm late to this party, but I missed you somethin' fierce, woman! I just found out where the hell you been keepin' yerself. As our old friend used to say, Jesus Christ in a hot pink dress how I've missed ya!

As for that stupid word (non-word) verification bullshit, it's there to keep the auto-spammers out. That's all. Cuz once they find ya, they leave like a zillion spam comments to every post. Seriously. They do.

I'll join yer friends thingy later. Right now I need to finally get some damn sleep so I can go out to my birthday dinner with my Mom and my kid, whose now TWENTY-FOUR damn years old! We gotta get caught up! Like some real time chats 'n shit.