Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Story

A married woman, with a daughter aged 7 & another kid aged 4, is in the grips of some serious mental health issues, namely anorexia/bulimia 'n drug abuse. Cocaine is her DOC (drug of choice), I do believe. She's gotta history of anorexia but the drug abuse is somethin' new that recently popped up.

Apparently she also very recently hooked up with an ol' friend who now has a couple o' kids o' her own 'n who has no place to stay. The woman takes 'em all in 'n let's 'em stay in her finished basement. It feels just like ol' times for 'em both, 'n so they spend as much time as possible downstairs catchin' up. This basement "tenant" of hers eventually confides in her friend that she now owns a pistol. One night while they're together in the basement she does a kinda "show 'n tell" with the piece 'n pulls out its ammo. The woman is very impressed.....'n apparently, somehow, unbeknownst to her friend, she pockets two o' the bullets.

Time marches on. The two women become very close again, as do their kids.

After battlin' both of these diseases for a while, the woman finally decides to admit herself into a psych hospital for treatment. Her husband is extremely relieved. It seems like there may be hope for his dear wife yet. She goes into the hospital 'n the very next day she calls her ol' friend. They chat for a nice long while. Before endin' the call the woman convinces her tenant friend to come visit her in the psych ward. She also convinces her to bring the gun.....just so she can "wave it around a bit 'n pretend to REALLY be crazy". The friend chuckles 'n agrees. She pulls the clip 'n removes the ammo in the chamber. What's the big deal? There's no harm in havin' a lil' fun, she thinks to herself.

That afternoon the friend goes up to the hospital. The two ladies sit 'n chat for a few. The hospitalized woman asks her friend if she "brought it". The friend says "yes" 'n hands it to her. They exchange a few more pleasantries 'n before ya know it visitin' hours are over. They hug each other 'n say goodbye, insistin' that they'll see each other tomorrow.

The woman then calmly blows her head off in the hospital bed.

The friend is arrested for manslaughter.

This all happened on Sunday.

The woman's 7 year old daughter is now completely traumatized. She hasn't uttered a single word; hasn't cried nor even shed a tear. She just stares blankly into space.

For as much as I really wasn't shocked at hearin' this story, my heart simply bleeds for this poor lil' girl. I quickly recalled when my own daughter learned of her father's death when she was just 5 years old......a death which I had spent many many many months tryin' to prepare her, 'n all of my children, for....'n how at first her emotional state was somewhat similar to this lil' girls. It broke my heart then just as it did today when I learned of this horrific news.

I really can't say much else.


The Peach Tart said...

How tragic. It's a shame that she didn't get help before it got so bad. I hope the father will insure the daughter gets the help she needs to recover and move on.

Danny said...

So sad. Poor little girl. I am 36 and have had trouble dealing with my dad's death. I can't imagine dealing with it at age 5 or 7.

jadedj said...

I have a six year old and a twelve year old daughter. I can totally relate to the tragedy of this.

Suicide may solve your problems, but it leaves behind a train load of trauma for others, especially kids...who many, many, many times blame themselves for the death.

Lady Ridesalot said...

What a terrible situation!I feel for this little girl. She has a whole lot of recovery to endure. Hopefully, her dad will step up and do what is best for her. Right now she needs comfort, security and lots of love.

My heart is sad over this tragic story. I don't really want to thank you for sharing this, but for some reason, I'm glad you did. I will say a prayer for a little 7 year old girl who just lost her mama. :(

I still wonder if I would have brought my friend a gun, regardless if I thought she had ammo or not.

biker baby said...

My father died 2 weeks before my 5th birthday and I don't remember much about him. I'm not even sure if the memories I do have are real or just impressions of things I've been told. One of my brothers had just turned 7 and I don't think he remembers much either. Maybe I think he don't remember because we just don't talk about it. The worst thing for me is wondering what he was like. People tell you different things, both good and bad, but what is real? At least my father died of natural causes. I think this is worse. The kids will always wonder why.

Baron's Life said...

Tragic doesn't even begin to describe it...I feel for the little girl who's always going to wonder and ask why. why, why?
Hopefully, she's as resilient as all kids are and bounces out of the trauma..so sad and tragic

Punch said...

the children always blame themselves. How could an adult do that to their child? How selfish.

Miranda said...

That is so very horrid. What the hell was that gal thinking? Taking a gun to her friend? Talk about a lack of judgment that has now effected so many people.

Rob said...

Your heart felt compassion is deeply felt. I will surely give a prayer for those affected.

Webster World said...

Tragic just tragic. Suicide solves nothing. Went to school with a guy whose dad did that. Howard was right there. He tried suicide for 30 yrs. One day it worked. In his mind I believe if dad can do it so can I. Wrong!!! I pray all those kids don't believe that. I pray they all heal well. God bless them all.

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