Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ski Man Update

In one o' my previous posts, "Skis 4 Sale", I talked about a guy I knew whom a few o' us jokingly called Ski Man; that lil' crackhead who, in order to hide what was probably no more than his 85 lb. boney-ass frame, dressed extremely inappropriately on what seemed like every day o' the year but who piled on layers o' clothing even more thickly on what were the hottest days o' the damn year. Good Lord, even just thinkin' about the layer upon layer o' clothing he packed on in the 90+ degree heat we've been havin' lately makes the sweat drip down my back.

Well, I happened to notice that the day after that pair o' skis 'n ski poles mysteriously appeared on the street corner where Ski Man stood daily ('n how even more mysteriously they disappeared the very next day), Ski Man himself was no longer to be found. I made myself a mental note o' this the first day, then the second, then the third...'n by the fourth or fifth day I gotta bit fearful as to what coulda possibly happened to the guy. I didn't wanna think the worse but I really had no other choice...that's how bad this poor guy looked.

Anyway, yesterday I approached another guy I know (who happens to take the same med van as Ski Man) 'n I asked what happened to Ski Man. He told me that Ski Man is safe 'n sound 'n is now in a nursing home where he's finally gettin' the proper care 'n food ('n clothing!) that he so very desperately needs/deserves. He was never a BAD guy at all.....he was just an annoyin' one with all that beggin' 'n pleadin' o' his.

Needless to say, I was very relieved to hear that news 'n I told him I was just glad that it wasn't the OTHER outcome I was expectin' to hear about Ski Man. I can only hope that Ski Man will thrive in this new environment o' his, that he will make a speedy recovery, 'n that if he ever does get released, he will somehow stay off the crack pipe.

I'd REALLY love to find out in the future that Ski Man is healthy 'n happy 'n that he's back workin' at doin' what he knows 'n loves best......cookin'. With the exceptional chef skills that he supposedly has, there shouldn't be a reason why he ain't thrillin' 'n fillin' up folks with his fantastic food concoctions ('n hopefully, at quittin' time he'll be off somewhere scoffin' down most o' the leftovers himself!).


Lou said...

That is good news, I was wondering where he was as well based on your earlier story.

Baron's Life said...

Good news...I always knew you were not have a heart of go have some SEX

Punch said...

Nice update. Always great to hear something good happening.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Interesting. I am glad to hear he is where he is. I rode by a fellow at a 7-11 today dressed like Ski Man and thought of your post.

mq01 said...

great. im glad he's got shelter and help.

Anonymous said...

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