Wednesday, August 05, 2009

18 + 13 = 1

Wow! I've gotta say that u guys are really somethin' else! I am truly IM-pressed 'n I am pretty damn near humbled with the huge response I've received here. So far my Interactive Fuckpost post has brought me a whoppin' grand total of 18 comments 'n 13 followers :::::applause applause:::::: 'n for that I am 1 happy bitch.

I really wasn't too sure WHAT kinda response I was gonna get cuz, well, lets face it....not everybody has gotta sick sense o' humor like I......'n apparently like And I also know that not everybody appreciates my sometimes wickedly vulgar mouth. But ya know what? U guys are the BEST! I just can't thank ya enuff for jumpin' in with both feet 'n leavin' me all yer comments.

And by george I must admit it, those were some GREAT comments. Some of them terms I ain't heard in a coon's age so they happened to bring back a lotta good memories (remember Alvin Lee from Ten Years After singin' "I wanna ball you" in "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"?.....good God, THOSE were the good ol' days) and ALL of 'em brought a great big ol' shit-eatin' grin to my face while I was readin' 'em.

Unbelievable. Whadda friggin' rush. I shoulda thought of doin' somethin' like this a helluva long time ago. It damn near beats havin' an orgasm!

Damn near, I said ;-)

So guys, once again, I wanna thank each 'n every one of ya for #1: participatin' in my twisted lil' survey-kinda-thingy and, #2: for gettin' these ol' lady juices o' mine freely flowin' once more.

Hell, who knows WHAT I'll end up doin' NEXT!


The Peach Tart said...

You go girlfriend. You are meeting lots of new blog friends and moving forward in your life.

Willy D said...

What the hell are you talking about? Has NY gotten to you and turned you into a raving’ lunatic? NY got to me 27 years ago. I left the damn place and now I’m sane. Fuckin’ crazy, but sane!

Rob said...

Keep up the Fun!

mq01 said...

huh? damn near better than an orgasm? ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but i aint trading those in.......not even........ LMAO!!! btw mmmm gotta go... ;)

Lou said...

Must confess to poking around and saw the 20 year anniversary tributes. Sorry for your loss.