Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tanx 4 Cleanin'

After again conkin' out promptly after finishin' up my previous post I hadda force myself to wake up at 5 p.m. so I could finally clean out the 2 tanks I've got in the house. One tank....a 40 breeder size....houses an aquatic huge-assed yellow-bellied female slider turtle which durin' our completely unknowledgeable state of adoption we mistakenly named Thomas but then kept the name since it kinda stuck (and which is REALLY my son's turtle but in all the years we've had that clawin' eatin' monsterosity-of-a-poopin'-machine not ONCE has he EVER cleaned the thing). The other tank....a 30 long I do believe.....houses 4 corydoras catfish: 2 juhlies (sp?) 'n 2 bronze, along with 1 male betta, so I really had my work cut out for me (and hence the reason as to why I don't do it all that damn often). I mean, look how much friggin' time it took away from my sleepin' ritual! 2 friggin' hours to clean the two of 'em! It's now after 7 p.m.!

I wish I had the wherewithall before I began cleanin' to grab my phone 'n give ya a "before" 'n "after" shot of that monster sittin' up so proudly in his/her tank, but I reckon this "after" photo will just have to suffice:

That's our Thomas, the he/she turtle, in all his/her glory, sunnin' him/herself. See that nice big smile on his/her face? Don't he/she look happy now he/she's gotta nice clean tank to shit in all over again? Give it an hour or so. It'll happen. I pwomise!

Now, I dunno how many of ya out there actually have turtles, but lemme tell ya this....this sucker is QUICK and can take off on ya in the blink of any eye as fast as a race car. It's fuckin' STRONG, too. This one's gotta bite like a damn pit bull. I kid ya not. I can putta spoon with a lil' bit o' food on it up to its mouth and that bad boy/girl will snap down on the bowl of that spoon and won't let go. I can even lift him/her clear outta the tank while it's still hangin' onto the damn spoon! Now THAT would make a spectacular picture! I'll have to try to work on that one. The next time I come outta my coma.

Well, I think I'm done here for today folks. Besides, it's gettin' kinda late 'n I've gotta go shower 'n get ready for bed. I'm completely POOPED....

....just like Thomas' tank is gonna be in about 20 minutes or so ;-)


mq01 said...

i never did like the "having hands in shit" part...LOL! had lots of tanks before, now i have none >;-) woohoo, more time to ride :-D

gotta watch those snappers, they'll take a f'ing finger off...

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'll just stick to the being the daily keeper of the litter box for three... thank you very much. Phew!

Mr. Charleston said...

DonnaJean... off subject here but read in your bio where paranormal interests you, it does me too. Over at my blog, Termites of Sin, I did a ghost post "Nana's Watching You" about an event. If you get a chance, I'd be interested in your take on it.

First time visitor, but I'll be back.