Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Attack of The Grammar Goblin

Remember the old song "Smoking in the Boy's Room"? Well, it looks like I may have to come up with an updated version of it. I'm gonna use the exact same tune to "Smoking in the Boy's Room" but I'm gonna edit the words a bit. I'm gonna call it "Grammar in the Girl's Room".....but as of yet, I've only got the song's title down pat.

WHY, ya might ask, would anyone wanna conjure up such a silly song? Well, apparently somebody's got even more time on their hands while sittin' on the john than *I* do, because.........

The Grammar Goblin has recently attacked my place of employment.

Yessiree, after my nth visit to the Ladies Room at work today I noticed that somebody had the nerve to deface MeanDonnaJean's Toilette Etiquette sign.....by actually correctin' my grammar!! (Lord have mercy....just imagine how they'd react if they ever saw the way I write in this here blog). But instead of me tellin' ya about it, have a look-see for yerself:

Now, never mind the fact that this bathroom "sign thing" has gotten totally outta control. Never mind the fact that somebody must have a touch more OCD than *I* do for them to actually step up 'n correct the vulgar grammar of an even more vulgar sign to begin with. Never mind the fact that these signs were basically untouched 'n are still up 'n standin', which is a miracle in itself.

However, DO mind this fact: if 'n when ya plaster any kinda sign up on any kinda wall, please be sure to use proper grammar.

It's only polite, ya know....and The Grammar Goblin will be mighty grateful.

Oh, and one more thing: if by chance ya ever wanna putta sign up in a ladies room, remember to do it while whistlin' to the tune of "Grammar in the Girl's Room".

It'll make the task that much more pleasant.


mq01 said...

lol...wow... and here to think that my lovely coworker freak just left blood on the toilet seat today... hey at least you're getting feedback, LOL!

Lady Ridesalot said...

That shit just ain't right! ;}

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Now, now, now, Ms. Lady Ridesalot. It isn't 'shit.' It is 'fecal matter.' :-P

Pretty bad when the Grammer/Politically Correct Police are active in the local shitter.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Razor... LOL! I stand corrected!

Extranjera said...

That's not your grammar that is being corrected, it is your lexicon.

Oh dear. Did I just correct you?

Cool blog ;o)