Friday, July 03, 2009

Signs Signs Everywhere....

It's been whaaaaa, how many weeks now since I plastered MDJ's Bathroom Etiquette signs up in the ladies room at work? Well ladies 'n gents, the signs are still there. Yep! I'm just flabbergasted that nobody has had the balls to take 'em down yet...and I've got proof!:

(and yessss, I really DID snap this pic while I was sittin' there doin' my duty. Hey, I was bored. What can I say?)

As a matter of fact, it seems as tho somebody ELSE has jumped on the "keep this damn funky bathroom clean" bandwagon, for ANOTHER sign has magically appeared:

altho *I* cannot take credit for that one. Besides, its worded waaaaay too nice to have come outta the mouth of MDJ, dontcha think? ;-)

But now, on the MDJ news front:

I'm STILL waitin' to get the results of my seven tubed (YESSS, 7 whole damn tubes!) blood test from Tuesday's vein-drainin' ceremony. After my early mornin' emergency appointment with my PCP (who tried stickin' me four damn times in his office and who failed on all 4 attempts) I hi-tailed my fat ass over to the hospital where my very own personal phlebotomist {yeah, wishful thinkin' Donna} named Toni got me on the very first try {as she ALWAYS does! Ahhhhh, so WHAT if she hadda go into the artery just cuz I have NO veins left? What's a lil' pain anyway?).

Yeah, MDJ's been feelin' lousy lately. Lousier than ever. Tired. I'm ALWAYS tired. Exhausted is more like it. I'm exhausted to the point where I sleep 90% of the time when I'm not workin'. I can sleep from the time I get home from work at 3 p.m. right up until I gotta wake up at 6 a.m. the next mornin'. I may slip outta my semi-coma to go pee or to get somethin' to drink/eat, but I go right back into it again. AND, I sleep ALL weekend long. Mostly, anyway. Unless I'm online updatin' this darn thing. Or throwin' a load o' clothes in the washer. Or shleppin' over to Sal's Deli to buy somethin'. Or hollerin' at my son to get HIS lazy ass up 'n clean his room. Or whatever. But most of the time, I'm passed out. Knocked out cold. It's all very weird.

So somethin's gotta be goin' on with my innerds. Dunno what, but its gotta be somethin' heavy duty to keep me in a horizontal position for most of the damn time. But we shall see. I'll keep y'all posted. IF yer interested, that is.

Yeah, whenever I (or IF ever I) get those damn test results back.

Freakin' doctors.

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