Saturday, July 04, 2009

Momma's Doll

Today's Tee:

Sorry folks, but there is no Today's Tee. For the first time in a looooong time I just didn't wanna get up, get dressed 'n go out to Sal's Deli as I normally do on the weekends. So instead, I stayed in my nite shirt and called Sal's for some good ol' fashioned home style delivery! But please, stay tuned for tomorrow's choice of tee topics.


My wonderful dear germ-o-phobic OCD-ridden Roman Catholic immaculate-conception-insistent typical Italian mother, who just passed away on April 28, 2009 due to a five-plus-years battle with Alzheimers, may God rest her soul, left behind this endearin' hint of her life for her only daughter to cherish....and that I most certainly do.

It's a silly lil' somethin' that a very-close-to-my-mother cousin of mine handmade for her many years ago, yet I have no clue as to just how many times Mom mighta utilized the one-of-a-kind thing, for I never ever heard a curse word slip outta her mouth.


.....with me livin' where I do, on the exceptionally minute one-person salary that I do, dealin 'with the day-to-day bullshit of bein' a single parent that I do, livin' with the crazy kid(s) that I do, constantly swallowin' the ever stressful situations that my eldest son always seems to get himself into that I do, wonderin' what the hell kinda twistedly wired circuitry is goin' on inside the brain of my youngest daughter's head like I do and dealin' with the friends-of-the-crazy-kid(s) that I live with always bein' here like I do....I may getta whole lot more use outta it than good ol' Mom ever did.

In case yer wonderin' what the hell I'm talkin' about, here it is....

May I introduce "The Dammit Doll":

And he/she/it even comes equipped with its very own instructions:

As ya can see, he/she/it has already lost one eyeball....altho that's certainly not due to neither mine nor my Mom's overusage of The Doll. My dearest 17 year old son is the culprit (which is no huge shock 'n surprise...he's just like a big bull in a damn China Shop with EVERYTHING he handles. I'm even kinda surprised that's the only body part that's gone missin' so far).

So there ya have it, folks. A quick peek into what was a teeny tiny portion of the life of the mother of MeanDonnaJean.

Now, ain't ya glad ya stopped by?

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