Sunday, June 14, 2009

2 Chessie

Today's Tee:

(hey, it's like the good lil' Catholic school girl that I was/am, I just hadda wear somethin' religious today)

I really just wanted to stop back right quick 'n say a great big ol' THANX to Ms. Chessie for bein' my #1 reader/commentor/whatchamacallit. I can't believe somebody actually took the time to read my incessant bitchin'-slash-blabberin'....but I sure am thankful that she DID.

Hey, I may just hit the big time YET! ;-)

Thanx again, Chess.

Well folk(s?), like I said, it's Sunday.....its the day that MDJ must make her ceremonial offerin' of frankincense 'n gold (I'm plum outta myrrh this week).

So I'll light a couple stix o' incense 'n spark up a doobie <========> ~ ~ ~ on a 14k gold roachclip.

1 comment:

RazorsEdge2112 said...

OK, that picture just ain't right. :-D Love it, though!