Saturday, June 13, 2009

Irritant No. 1

Today's Tee:

Okay, lemme see now.......which low-life loser who insists on livin' in the same city as I do and who apparently annoys the livin' shit outta me on an almost daily basis can I bitch about today in my blog? There's a whole slew of 'em, so I really get to pick 'n choose, but I reckon I'll start with our local DPW (Department of Public Works) workers. You know the guys.....the guys who do basically nuthin' all day long but get paid the big bucks for doin' it.

So, for the entire week now its been rainin' every single solitary damn day like its Noah's second comin' or somethin'.....and I DO mean it RAINED. Soaked. Floods. Sogginess. Humidity. Frizz. Ya name it, it applies. Anyway, since it HAS been rainin' for this entire week now, whaddaya think I see first thing this a.m. parked in Crackhead Park as I'm walkin' home from gettin' my daily dose of jungle juice at the MMTP? A big blue DPW truck. And whaddaya think that big blue truck is doin' there? It brought men there. Employees. DPW employees to be exact. And what precisely on God's green (and now a very well soaked) earth were these DPW workers doin'? Waterin' all the flowers in front of the park. Yep, that's right! After a full 7 days 'n 7 nights of lightenin' filled, thunder boomin', torrential downpourin', street floodin', pant soakin', umbrella snatchin' 'n hair wreckin' non-stop rain, these guys were gettin' paid double time for drownin' the city's flowers even moreso than they already were.

Brilliant, dontcha think?

Well, that's just the good ol' city where I live and which I have unlovingly dubbed The Bowels of Hell for ya. Apparently, our lovely new Mayor has no qualms about spendin' our taxpayers hard earned money on more 'n more bullshit. But hey, it sure beats our OLD mayor's ways......he was a crack-'n-weed-smokin' druggie with dreads who never entered City Hall without havin' bloodshot eyes and who insisted on usin' even MORE of our money by buildin' a multi-million-dollar lighted-'n-music-spoutin'-water-shootin'-circular-fountain smack dab in the center of the busiest intersection in this hellhole.

Another absolutely brilliant move, huh? And that's just ONE small example of all the crap that goes on around here.

But dontcha worry. I've got tons more where THAT came from!
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chessie said...

I'm not from NYC...or even NY state, but I just read this, after finding your comment on Big Al's...
I think your brillent, and hope you continue to write more...