Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 of those days......

Did ya ever have one of those days when ya wanna leave somethin' like this...

on the windshield of the idiot's car parked next to ya?

I used to carry a supply of these with me everywhere I went. Hey, ya never know when yer gonna run into some fool who just dunno how to park.

I've had My Pal Mickey since, oh my God, the early 80's I do believe. It was a gift from my boss at the time. He's deceased now, but Lord knows I miss that man. We were tight. As a matter of fact, I was his secretary when I lived in CT. A few years later I moved to this dump and it just so happened that he had opened up another shop close by in the neighborin' he called me to go back to work for him. Of course, I obliged.

But it IS kinda a cool poster, dontcha think?

Not to get off subject but now that I think about it, I've hadda couple of "cool" bosses over the years. Another long-time-ago boss gave me a sterling silver nameplate-type necklace for Christmas one year. This necklace is a tad different than usual tho. Instead of havin' my name plastered on it, it says "O' Shit".....which used to be one of my favorite sayin's while I was waitressin' for him. I still have it to this very day, only now its sewn onto my favorite men's fedora which I have dubbed my Oh Shit Hat....cuz I only wear it on "oh shit, its rainin'!" or "oh shit, its snowin'!" days.

I know I know.....I'm not real creative. I've only gotta slightly warped sense o' humor.

And speakin' of slightly warped sense o' humors, I think my youngest son's got that one covered pretty darn well. Of course, there's gonna be a story that follows......

One day a couple o' years ago I came home from work. My son didn't have school that day (he's gonna be 17 in a couple o' weeks.....yippee! only 1 more year until I can kick him outta the nest, just like the rest!) and I reckon that boredom got the better of him. My youngest daughter was still livin' at home at the time (she's now 25 and lives on her own, thank GOD) but had packed up most of her childhood toys and put 'em all away. My ingenious son musta decided that he was gonna stir up a lil' trouble in the empty house, cuz this is what I came home to:

Here's another shot, just in case ya missed the first one:

Yep, the lil' sonuvagun snatched his sister's Barbie Doll, tied her up, gagged her, and held her for ransom.

Now, THAT'S what *I* call creative!

So I reckon ya can forget about the part where I talk about my son havin' a "slightly warped sense o' humor".

Ain't nuthin' slight about it. He's just plain ol' TWISTED!

Needless to say, once my daughter came home, she didn't find it nearly half as amusin' as I did. As a matter of fact, she hadda hissy fit cuz her brother touched her shit. Typical sibling rivalry stuff. I myself couldn't help but crack the hell up over it....and as ya can see, I hadda go grab my camera just so I could always getta good laugh whenever I needed one. I honestly thought it was great stuff! Imaginative lil' sucker he is.

He never DID get that ransom, tho.

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