Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hmmmm, I just realized that title may have thrown ya off a bit.

I'm not talkin' about temptations per se.

I'm talkin' about THE Temptations. THE R&B group I grew up listenin' to. A bunch of guys whose sweet music has outlasted most other groups for the last 5 decades or more.

Yeah, I know what yer probably thinkin'. MDJ listened to The Temptations??...and she actually called their music "sweet"? Yep, truth be known, I reckon I'm gettin' soft in my ol' age. Well, I KNOW my BODY is gettin' soft in my ol' age (which is another topic for another day) so I may as well match my musical preferences to my body :-)

But seriously. A few days ago I was online buyin' up a storm of stuff for ME and ME alone. Normally my son ALWAYS talks me into buyin' somethin' or other for HIM but I decided it was MY turn, so that's exactly what I did. My first stop was Zappos. A long time ago I had saved a bunch of shoe favorites at their website and I decided that I was gonna finally just do it and buy the darn things. So I ordered me a pair of snow chukkas along with a pair of flip flops (from one extreme to another, that's ME). While I was there I threw in a pair of $170 boots for the kid. Old habits die hard I reckon :-) $400 later and I was done. At Zappos, anyway. And then I headed on over to Amazon.

Oh yes honey, I also finally bought me somethin' that I've wanted for a long long time. I've hinted, pleaded and begged (Ain't Too Proud To Beg!) for years that I wanted one, but I never got any bites. Wanna know what it is? It's a binocular biological microscope....WITH a mechanical stage no less! I can't wait for this sucker to get here. I'm gonna scope everything 'n anything I can get my swollen boxin'-glove-like hands on. Of course, once I bought that I hadda also buy some glass slides and cover slips to go along with it. Can't use a microscope without 'em, rite? Oh okay, I'll confess. While I was settin' up that order I also threw in a Norelco electric shaver for the kid. Old habits REALLY die hard, I know. But I was sick 'n tired of lookin' at that wolfman face of his! He's SOOOO damn lazy he don't ever shave. Pitiful. But I'm gettin' off track here...and I just so happen to be listenin' to The Temps "Cloud Nine" track as I type this. Hmm, that shoulda been my effin' Theme Song :-)

And that's where The Temptations come in. As I was perusin' Amazon's website, I came across a shitload of MP3 album downloads that were only $5 each! (yeah, I'm still a cheap bitch when I wanna be) and saw a few that I wanted to add to my ipod collection....and The Temps was one of 'em. I also got Sheryl Crow and Heart at the same time. God, I love them Wilson sisters.

While I was on a roll I also threw a few of this and a couple of that into my shoppin' cart. A whoppin' grand later and I was done. Until Christmas, that is.

Lord help me.

So now that I've got ya in a Ball of Confusion :-) I'm gonna end this here cuz I've gotta go watch The Sopranos in a few. I'm not all THAT soft yet ya know ;-)


Punch said...

Yo, Not so Mean Donna, I gotta shopping list I'd love to send ya. You are a sweetheart. That ragged ass son (no offence meant) of yours won't even know what the f()K hit him when he 'Falls in Love' and that bitch don't treat him like his mamma.

Way over my head here but, you are the cat's meow. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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