Friday, July 15, 2011

The Day from Hell (chronologically condensed version)

Number 1 (and the one 'n ONLY good thing that happened today): Today is my oldest daughter's 39th birthday. Happy birthday to my Michelle Ann (which I already DID take care of with her but figured I'd mention it here anyway).

Number 2: Today was the first day of my two days off from work. As we had all pre-planned, me, my youngest son & youngest daughter all hopped on a crowded-ass nasty-stinkin' 9 a.m. bus and took a 45 minute ride to the DMV. Me to getta "official" ID card cuz I ain't had one for a while now, her to getta lerner's permit, and him to getta new picture for his ID card (which, at the last moment he decided not to do anyway. SMART kid). As luck would have it, right before we boarded the bus we all got into a HUGE fight which lasted half the damn day....which was NOT pleasant for ANYBODY who was within 50 yards earshot of us I might add. Ugly scenes. VERRRY ugly.

Number 3: Even before the kids met me at McDonalds to go to DMV, my oldest boy (yes, the very same "jailbird" I used to speak of in days/diaries past) came in (lookin' all beaten down/slashed up I might add) and calmly stated that there is currently a warrant out for his arrest and he is gonna turn himself in at the police station in a few minutes. It had somethin' to do with some overly dramatic drama with his baby mamma a/k/a TCB (That Cunt Bitch). I JUST RECENTLY GOT HIM BACK AFTER SIX LONG YEARS FOR CRISSAKE! How much more can a mother's heart take? So off he went, with him havin' high hopes of gettin' bonded out.

Number 4: While at the DMV with my two kids I hadda stand online for OVER one and one-half hours just to get on another line to get that damn ID, which took another 45 minutes. I KNEW I shoulda went with my first instincts and hopped off that friggin' bus while we were all feudin'. Stupid me.

Number 5: Got home by 3 pm and hadda notice on my door from FedEx that they tried to deliver a huge bird cage I was waitin' for while I was out gettin' aggravated at my kids and at the complete assholes who work at/walk verrrrrry slooooooowly thru the DMV. MY luck. Freakin' figures.

Number 6: Oh yeah, did I mention that I decided I was gonna buy me some birds? Yep, to go along with the gigantic aquatic turtle and the 3 corydoras catfish I already have and whose tanks/filters/etc. I already gotta clean on a regular basis all by myself. I need my head examined.

Number 7: Hadda call the police station three effin' times thruout the day to get the status of my son's warrant/turn-in. Finally got it at 5:30 pm when they told me he had been remanded. So ya know those high hopes my son had of gettin' bonded out that I spoke of up above? Well, the judge wasn't have it, so he's gone, again :-( I will know more on the 20th when he goes back to court.

Number 8: After all the emotional upheaval I went thru thruout the day, I forgot I hadda huge Peapod grocery delivery arrivin' between 5 & 7 pm. He showed up shortly after 5:30 pm, right after I got the news about my son. Me and my youngest son helped the guy take everything outta the truck, hike it up to my second floor apartment and then me & him put everything away. I promptly conked out not 5 minutes afterwards and stayed that way until I came to at around 9 pm. Took a shower and conked right back out again.

This day took quite a lot outta MDJ.

It sucked big hairy mule dick, for sure.

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Well maybe today will be better?