Saturday, June 04, 2011

3 Down, 3 To Go

After much deliberation (which was a VERY stupid procrastinated move on my part and in all actuality which really shoulda been a no-brainer and been done quite a while ago) and a quick dialog with The Boss on Thursday, I FINALLY decided to pay off ALL of my long runnin' up-to-my-ass-in-yet-with-notta-GD-thing-to-show-for-it debt. Yes folks, I'm talkin' about $25K worth of that stomach-tyin'-head-explodin'-wallet-depletin'-night-terror-causin' credit card debt.

On the grounds which may incriminate me I cannot go into specific details here about the whos or hows of doin' it but I CAN tell ya that as of today I'm officially halfway debt free after totally payin' off three of my six credit cards this afternoon. Alls I gotta do is wait for my three remainin' statements to come into my mailbox (whether virtual or real I really do not care which) and then those too will be outta my hair and my life for good. I cannot WAIT! It's been a looooong time comin' folks.

I have not been without any kinda debt since, hmmmmm, probably right after graduatin' high school in '74 when I applied for and received my very first credit card, a Caldor store card. That was the beginnin' of the end my friends. From what was probably a $250 (maximum) limit back then with a $7 monthly minimum payment, it snowballed into what it is today.........TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND FREAKIN' DOLLARS worth of food & clothes & a few cash advances (yessss, I know - that's a BIG no-no) & Lord knows WHAT else with hundreds upon hundreds of dollars as my current minimum monthly payments. It was stranglin' me much more than the tattooed vine wrapped around my neck.

Ohhhh, if only I had listened to my folks way back when. And, speakin' of my dearly departed folks....

I just wanna say thank you again Mom & Dad. Really. THANK you.

Anyway, thats the story, and it looks like I'm well on my way to bein' FREE. Without the credit ties that bind. Without money woes. Debt friggin' free. Weeeee!

My next freedom plan? These liquid handcuffs I've had on for 28 (gulp!) friggin' years. Oh yeah. THAT outta be f-u-n (n-o-t!).


Mr. Charleston said...

I know the feeling Donna Jean. The whole system we live in is geared to keep us in debt. Debt to pay friggin living expenses!! Dammit! If you had blown it on a freekin vacation to Europe at least you would have something to show for it. But to have no clue where it went because it went to pay everyday expenses, not extravagances, well... that's life in a capitalist society.

bobskoot said...


I applaud you for doing this. Debt creeps up on you. It doesn't take long, go out for a meal, then lunch, then dinner and so it goes.

take small steps, one at a time. Everytime you want to buy something, hold back, go home and think about it a bit more. Delay your purchase for a day. That's what I do. When your decision is made, sometimes you still spend the $$, and often times you really didn't need it.

time to start saving for your bike, again . . . there's nothing like a ride to clear your senses

Riding the Wet Coast

biker baby said...

My ex had a love affair with plastic. When we go divorced I was handed most of the debt since it was marital debt...didn't matter that it was his addiction...I made more money so I had to pay. When we split, we had a min due of $549/month. I have $2,400 left to go. Then $4,500 on a student loan I co-signed on. For myself, all I owe is my monthly cell and car insurance. With no income and my savings gone as of this month, it will all go in the rear.