Friday, May 27, 2011

So sad

Finally Restin' In Peace

The news of this really hit hard today and it made me awfully sad. It kinda hit home....a bit too close to home if ya ask me. I can personally relate to his abuse of pain meds, his abuse of street drugs, even his abuse of methadone....but watchin' him as he suffered thru it all and became closer to death with each passin' year brought back too many bad memories of those I've lost due to same. And even though I've witnessed this very same thing with the death of my husband and with the dozen or more friends of mine who've also lost their lives due to drug abuse, I never get used to it.

This once vital, once handsome, once well-known and always much-loved actor whom I watched weekly on my living room television set on the show "Taxi" fell deep 'n hard into the gruesome grip of addiction but could never find his way out again. I watched him go from a hot young stud to a feeble ol' fiend in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

And now he's gone for good, just another statistic of that dreadful disease called addiction which he's been battlin' for most of his adult life, as have I.

So sad. So very very sad.

May you finally rest in peace, Jeff Conaway.

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jadedj said...

And in the end, I am not sure what it all means Jean. Really. So much waste...and I can say that from way too many decades of living and seeing this sort of thing re-occur.

But of course, you can't force the reality of the all too familiar results on ANYone...they have to come to the reality themselves.