Sunday, May 01, 2011

Callin' Judge Judy!!!

Oh yessss honey, I'd LOVE to see THIS on Judge Judy........

Stupid Stupor Suit

I can almost see 'n hear her now.

"Mr. Gold, I've read yer papers. It's almost lunchtime. I'm hungry. I'll give you two minutes (tap tap taps her wristwatch) to state yer case."

The Plaintiff quickly stammers out his case.

"YER AN IDIOT!" she yells out.

::::audience applauds & roars with laughter::::

"Stop wastin' the Court's time with such nonsense. Good-BYE Mr. Gold"

::::Her Honor gets up outta her seat, turns around 'n walks off The Bench. The Plaintiff is left standin' there speechless. Fades to black. Goes to commercial::::

I STILL love that woman :-)


Punch said...

Well, she does suck, that can't be all bad.

kathryn said...

Oh, God! What's not to love? She's AWESOME. This was too funny...I could picture the whole thing!