Saturday, April 02, 2011


Since this is now my 3rd try at commentin' on posts (sorry if ya just gotta halfassed incomplete comment, BikerBaby) from this newly purchased touchscreen phone which once and for all outta just touch-my-botched&butchered-right-tit-before-I-fling-it-out-the-friggin'-window, right about now I'm a tad on the twisted side. Nope, make that I'm a whole lotta on the twisted side. This is worse than havin' a bad April Fools joke played on ya every damn day of the year. It takes me three times as long to accomplish anything and gives me a whole lotta aggravation in between. Whoever thinks advancements in technology are a grand thing musta taken too much LSD in their day. And now that I've gotten all that off my chest, I completely forgot what I originally wanted to say. This tiny piece of technology has totally twisted my brain into a gigantic bag of Twizzlers. I'll be back. I hope.


biker baby said...

I went to check out your halfassed incomplete comment and found no new comments. It appears it's more incomplete than you knew. But then again...the way things are going for me lately...I could be on the wrong blog.

jadedj said...

I wish I knew what you are talking about. Hell, I wish I knew what I am talking about.

Willy D said...

A bit ‘o’ advise: If you’re going to keep the phone on your tit, put it on vibrate so it serve a useful purpose.

MeanDonnaJean said...

biker baby: Then I reckon I can safely assume that the only thing that's halfassed 'n incomplete around here is moi. Sorry for the mixup.

jadedj: Don't worry...I hardly EVER know what the hell *I'm* talkin' about.

WillyD: I REALLY LIKE the way ya think!