Saturday, December 12, 2009

The North Poll

I've gotta lil' holiday poll goin' on over to the left of yer screen...


so I'd really appreciate it if ya'd help me out by votin'.

It's all in good fun, kids....all in good fun.

And NO, the best answer does NOT getta prize (sheesh, dontcha'll get ENUFF gifts at Christmastime for crissake? My goodness, what greedy lil' suckers we are!!)


Punch said...

GrandKids, Kids, that is about it, folks, for this ol' boy.

Cash Register Jockey said...

I finished up a few days ago. Wish I could afford more stuff for the girlfriend, but I think I did rather well. I'm glad (and lucky) that she is the only person I have to shop for now, really.

Lou said...

I really wish I was finished - this weekend I'll get the last few things.