Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hardly EVER Happenin's

Yesterday my beloved boss threw me a bonus for an estate I had been workin' on solely for the past five (5!) years 'n which FINALLY closed out yesterday with me writin' 'n mailin' HUGE-ASS checks to all thirteen heirs (those lucky-ass freakers). It was an enormous relief 'n I was ecstatic just to be DONE with the damn thing once 'n for all....but when he presented me with a check o' my very own accompanied by a couple o' "well done" pats on the head, I was floored.....not to mention oh so appreciative 'n grateful. I'm just now hopin' that this unexpected bonus won't jeopardize the usual holiday bonus I normally get, which should be any day now.

With the many snow alerts that have been runnin' night 'n day on t.v. came another lovely surprise for some of us here in Westchester County. Due to the upcomin' 12-14" of snow we're expectin' here our local MMTP Clinic decided to close its doors tomorrow 'n give everyone a "snow bottle" for the day. Not that it impacted ME all that much cuz I don't go there on Sundays anyway, but it WAS a nice surprise all in all....'n its somethin' that has only been done on TWO other occasions in the last 25 years. Go friggin' figure.

My son, my lovely 'n darlin' 17 year old son, actually did MOST of his chores this week 'n he did 'em all without me havin' to nag him about 'em every half hour 'n without givin' me any aggravation at that. This is another somethin' that hardly EVER happens to MeanDonnaJean, so I'm guessin' that the only reason he did this is cuz its almost Christmas Day. Now don't get me wrong......he didn't do 'em all as an early Christmas gift to his dear ol' Mom but rather cuz he expects his dear ol' Mom to give HIM his Christmas gifts, today, perhaps....? Hell, if he had HIS way, he woulda already got 'em two weeks ago. But that's just the way he rolls, my lovely 'n darlin' son, so what more can I say?

And finally, I've been on this computer for approximately one whole hour now....'n within that one whole hour I have not heard one darn peep from my son about "how much longer ya gonna be on?" or "what's for dinner?" or "can *I* get on now?" or stuff like that. These past two days have been damn near fuckin' AMAZIN' I tell ya....a couple o' days of many firsts in the life of MDJ....'n probably LASTS.


Mr. Charleston said...

You're on a roll DonnaJean. Roll baby, roll. Snuggle up, I hear it's gonna be colder'n hell up there the next day or two.

Punch said...

your darlin' son just loves ya.