Friday, December 25, 2009

Downtown in The Bowels

I snapped this pic the other day while waitin' for a bus to take me home after a very long day of workin' 'n food shoppin'. This is the new 'n improved downtown Bowels...a multi-million-dollar transformation of the so-called transportation hub of the city.

Dunno if ya can see it well enuff or not, but do ya notice the seagulls flyin' around 'n sittin' perched way up high on the lamp posts?

Now, there ain't a drop of seawater, well water, or any other friggin' kinda water (except pools of piss) located within a hundred miles of this place. Well, maybe notta hundred miles, but I'm sure ya get my drift. But those annoyin' seagulls have been lurkin', breedin', flyin', feedin' 'n shittin' around this same damn area since *I* came here in '83. I dunno what the hell they're doin' here or why, but they'll probably be here long after I'm gone.

Just as long as they don't come hangin' around MY house, I could care less about 'em.


Willy D said...

Look on the bright side. I’m sure all the pigeons, (nasty ass flying rats), around your house keep the seagulls away.

Rob said...

I took my two boys to Disney World about nine months ago. While eating, 3 Sea Gulls attacked us and stole our meal. I tried my best to kill the buggers but I have slowed down in my declining years. My kids don't remember Mickey Mouse but they remember those hell bent nasty flying rodents that almost tore out our eye balls.

Sheila Mitchell said...

What's up with that?! We have some here where I live & we are FAR from the bay! Anyway, you frikkin crack me up!

bobskoot said...


we have seagulls down at the market that will steal your lunch when you turn your back, or not. They love french fries (Chips)

Have a very Happy New year

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Kathryn said...

Yeah. I'm thinking they should be re-named "garbage/parking lot gulls". These guys must be distant cousins of the "sea" gulls....they seem to feed on McDonald's fries and dropped pretzels from the local mall.