Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Splain it to me gently

Maybe I'm missin' a few screws up in the ol' headlamp or maybe I'm just dumb as shit to begin with but there's somethin' that's been gnawin' at me lately and for as hard as I might try I still just don't get it. It's somethin' that makes absolutely NO sense to me {similar to the 95 outta 100 other things in life that make absolutely no sense to me but what the hell....I can't write about 'em ALL now, can I!} so I'm askin' the bloggin' community to explain it to me "like I'm a 2 year old".

I just don't understand why some bloggers will go 'n write a post about somethin', then of course they'll getta bunch o' comments from other bloggers who have just read that post, then the original blogger/poster will go 'n reply to somethin' that the other bloggers have commented on in that same post. Now, why do they do that? It just don't make any sense to me 'n it really bothers the hell outta me {as do the 99 outta 100 other things in life that really bother the shit outta me but what the hell....I'm sure ya don't wanna hear all about those now, do ya?}.

But do ya get what I'm sayin'?

I mean, if I've gone 'n read somethin' in somebody's blog 'n I've left a comment there for 'em 'n then the original blogger/poster replies to MY comment with a comment of his/her own underneath the comment that I've already left in their blog, how the hell am I gonna know about it? I'm sure not gonna getta email notification that the original poster left a comment about MY comment in his/her own blog, so I'll never know what his/her comment was to MY comment, right? I mean, if I've already read the post 'n I've already left a comment, why would I go back a second time around 'n read the same post possibly expectin' to see a comment that the original poster may or may notta left for me about MY comment? WHY?

NOW do ya get it?

Okay, maybe I haven't explained myself clearly enuff. Lemme try this:

Wouldn't it be better for the original poster to reply to my comment in MY blog so that I'd at least getta email notification that its there? Wouldn't that make more sense? Or maybe not....maybe I'm completely wrong here. Maybe I just ain't got this bloggin' thing down as good as I thought I did.

I dunno. On second thought, maybe I AM missin' a few screws 'n maybe I AM dumb as shit.

So can ya 'splain this to me please? AM I missin' somethin' here?


Punch said...

Number one thing, you ain't missin' screws (well in the headlamp area)
Number 2 (two) thing, 95 % of life does not make sense. Birth and Death this is the 5% that counts. Makes sense to me.
Number three (3) THING, actually I would like to hear about the 99 out of a hun the really bother the sitt outta of you.
Number 4our thing.. I do get what you are sayin'.

Number (5)ive thing yes i still continue to get it.
Number six (6) thing... that is a good idea but then your comment lands in the middle of a totally, like totally different mind set.
Num,ber 7 (seven) thing, see number one (1)thing
Number 8 (eight, eat) thing there is a box (no pun) that you (one) can check that says something like
"Email follow-up comments to blah, blah balh.

BTW... I come back to your site after leaving a comment just sos i can sees what the rest of your visitors say.
Number 9 well that is just for the beatles (obscure reference number 12 & 35)

redbone said...

why not? :O)

Lou said...

Yeah I get what you're saying too.

Some posts/bloggers get into a conversation type exchange with their commenters which is cool. If you're not interested in any feedback/ongoing dialogue further to your comment then don't check back. If you are, then do. Simple.

Mr. Charleston said...

Alright DonnaJean. It's called conversation. The younger set use things like Facebook and Twitter as it's more instant. But I'll agree that blog conversation is a pain in the ass, it's why I have portions of comments right up top so anyone checking back can see right away if they want to pitch in or keep moving.

Rob said...

Interesting post, does this mean that you wont be responding to my comment?

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mr. Charleston beat me to the punch. It's virtual conversation.

Now if your the type to do all the speaking and don't want to hear what anyone else says... then leave a comment and don't come back. HA!
If your the type that enjoys a stimulating conversation... you'll check back to see what's being said. It's that simple.

I've been reading your blog long enough now, to realize that this may be the challenge in itself. You continually crack me up with your own forthright way of
"splainin'" things and your probably too busy to converse... virtually. I understand! It does take up more time. But for me, I enjoy revisiting blogs I've commented on to see what the author of such blog says back.

Like Mr. Charleston explained... it's conversation. If you don't feel like talking... you don't have to.
But for the rest of us chatter boxes... live and let live! Awwight?? ;}

BTW... You ain't missing any more screws than the rest of us! LOL!

jadedj said...

No comment.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hey! It's just me again... I came back to see if you answered me yet! LOL!!

Webster World said...

I come back too. I see it as conversation also. Now you do e-mail me(us) and I like that. You are a grin a great pleaure to read. I come back to most post. Some I have not gone back to...that's because I get lost sometimes in this here blogger world and don't know where in the hell I just came from.

Willy D said...

Hey! Did you get into my “catnip” stash? Some of it’s missing and the cats said you took it! Oh well, enjoy.

"Joker" said...

If you check the box under "Choose an Identity" that says "Email follow-up comments to..." then you'll get an email everytime anyone (blog author or otherwise) leaves another comment on that post. Even a year or more later.

I always respond to comments in the hopes that those who have left remarks on my blog checked that little box off so they'll know I (or others) had more to say.

That's about as gently as I can put it.

Webster World said...

I just dood-it. Choose an identity.