Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dearly Departed

I'm so pissed again today and rightly so too, cuz for the past 8 days or so I ain't been able to log into/get any kinda access to the website where I normally upload/store all my pics. I dunno what the hells been goin' on with 'em lately but now it's gettin' real old.

Years ago I hadda account with Village Photo, but with me bein' the cheap broke-ass bitch that I am I hadda kill that idea when they decided to start chargin' folks for storage. What? *I'M* gonna pay $5 a month to store a few pics atta website? Yeah, riiight. I ONLY do the freebie websites thank u very much (perhaps which is WHY I always have such problems?).

So after much searchin' 'n hemmin' 'n hawin' 'n bitchin' 'n moanin' I went over to this new place called Ripway, a fine freebie website hostin' thing-a-ma-jig where it took me forever 'n a day to finally get all my stuff transferred over there. The only bitch about that place was that if ya didn't log into the website every 30 days or so ya'd lose yer account (meanin' ya'd lose all yer stored shit). I reckon I don't gotta tell ya what happened with THAT one, do I?

However, BEFORE the day came when Ripway decided to send all my stuff into cyber limbo I happened to see an ad at their site for ANOTHER freebie place called File Ave....which was the same kinda website with the same 30 day rule....and so very intelligently I might add I signed up over there. And somehow, very mysteriously, with just a couple o' clicks o' the mouse I was able to very quickly duplicate most of my pics over at this new File Ave site. It was amazin'! So when Ripway kicked me out at least I had backup pics atta different website, which mostly worked each 'n every time I went there. Only today (and yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before, etc. etc.) it AIN'T workin', so a lotta good THATS doin' me....freebie or not.

And so that's where I am today. But then earlier today it hit me....why not just go back to Ripway, make a brand new account under a different name 'n then maybe with just another couple o' clicks o' the mouse I can once again duplicate all my pics over there 'n then I can store 'em at BOTH websites so that whenever ONE website is not workin' I'll still have the OTHER! So off I went to Ripway. Once I got there I excitedly clicked the "sign up" button 'n then I waited. Do ya wanna know what happened next? NUTHIN'....I watched that damn "page load" button go round 'n round 'n round 'n round 'n round, just like what's been happenin' over at File Ave for the past 8 days. Yep, absolutely NUTHIN' happened. I couldn't sign up, upload, log in, download, log out or even pass the hell out from all my frustration.....cuz the two fuckin' websites are RELATED! Who the hell KNEW? (but I really shoulda hadda clue).

So now it looks like ALL of my precious pics are dearly departed/MIA/on hiatus or whatever ya wanna call it.....'n I just dunno how long its gonna go on like that. Alls I know now is that I can't show y'all my brand new pic of my grandson in VA :-( and he's soooo darn cute, too! :-)

So in the meantime I'm searchin' online yet again for ANOTHER freebie web hostin' photo thingy place where I can hopefully transfer my OLD stuff to a NEW site 'n where I can possibly KEEP 'EM THERE for the duration.

Anybody got any suggestions? I'm all ears (or eyes)......


chessie said...

Damn it DonnaJean,
Use Picasa! There is a limit of 4G or something like that.

I just now filled mine up! You know me, right? I take photos like a fool. So I know darn well, it will take you a darn long time to fill up 4GIGs of space. One more thing I do, buy a thumb memory stick. For a few bucks, you can have all your pics on one of those as back up in case something happens to your accounts...

I love Picasa. It has some really great FREE software that comes with it...like editing...yeah...it's not bad Donna...You'll like it. It don't take much to move your stuff over there either. I love Picasa... and so will you!

GYMONR said...

Jean got a question for you; didn’t I hear you live in around New York? The reason I’m asking is for some reason (don’t ask me why) I want to make a haul ass motorcycle ride to Maine (eat a lobster…even though I hate lobster. Ha-ha) and head back home at a slower rate taking in the scenery. I’ve never been up that way before and was wondering if you knew when would be a good month to make the trip. I don’t mind the heat, but don’t want to ride in the freezing cold…I hear it get cold up there…I was think sometime in the spring of 2010. Hmmm what do you think?

Big Al

Rob said...

MeanDonnaJean, I am going to send you over some good luck and maybe make a blood sacrifice to the technology gods in hopes of brings you some electromechanical good will. Sorry I can not give you any real suggestions. Computers and I just don't get along.