Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Secrets Out!

Now that I know the secret about how to attract a huge flock o' faithful followers and in the process collect a cumload o' comments, I'm gonna jump right in 'n give it a good ol' college try by doin' all of the followin'...

wax my vagina;

bleach my vagina;

shave my vagina;

color, cut 'n curl my vagina;

'n instead of referrin' to it as my "twat", I'm even gonna call it my vajayjay.

Thanx, Ms. PeachTart. I never knew it was that easy!


All kiddin' aside folks, please join me in congratulatin' Ms. PeachTart The PeachTart on her award winnin' blog.

Ya make us mighty proud there, Lady. Keep up the fantastic work!


Danny said...

I put the word 'Wifey' in the title of a post once. My hits jumped by about 200%. I found out later that there is a porn site where a guy puts up videos of his wife. He refers to her as 'Wifey'. I am sure they were disapointed when they found my blog instead.

The Peach Tart said...

MeanDonnaJean - thanks for the shout out. My vajayjay is smiling.

mq01 said...

why go to all the freakin work to bleach if you're just gonna shave or wax it?!?...just sayin'... LOL!!! im checking out peach tart, looks like funny stuff... :)

Baron's Life said...

Funny ....lmao

Sabrina Moore said...

Hahahaha. This made laugh so hard! Well, good luck on these plans with your vajayjay. I hope she enjoys all these. =)