Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sacrifice or Stupidity?

I went from bein' born in Fairfield County CT 'n livin' in this:

that has a backyard 'n a pool like this:

to movin' here to The Bowels of Hell NY 'n livin' in this:

that has a backyard filled with multiple cats 'n their excessive shit like this:

to buyin' this in upstate Renssaelaer County NY with my guy of 7+ years:

{gorgeous property, beautiful views, out-in-the-boondocks-with-only-one-neighbor 'n a house that is in excellent move-right-in-'n-put-yer-feet-up condition}

{and yes, that's a real workin' fireplace, which I've always 'n forever wanted}

which also has a side creek 'n rear wooded acreage like this:

to sacrificin' my man, my dream 'n my self by bein' stuck here in The Bowels 'n livin' in this:

cuz my kids refused to leave this hellhole.

Is that called makin' a sacrifice?....or is it called bein' just plain ol' stupid?

Cuz now I kick myself in the ass every stinkin' day of my ever-stinkin' life....

...cuz right about now, this is where I outta be:

or I outta be doin' this:

{nooooo, I don't mean cookin' on the damn grill.......I mean ridin' on the white bike behind it}

instead of sittin' on this here computer waitin' for my dirty clothes to finish washin' in the machine.

When I blow it, I blow it BIG time.....and boy oh boy, did *I* blow it.

Ain't no sacrificin' about it, folks.

Nope, trust's just bein' plain' ol' STUPID.


Baron's Life said...

I hear is tough out need to hang in and keep an eye on the laundry...
I like your style....

The Peach Tart said...

Ok girlfriend you can't leave us hanging that way. I want to hear more of the story in future posts

mq01 said...

awww, shit sweetie, i feel this. we all have things, choices, crossroads, dumb shit we did, its who we are.

Webster World said...

Think positive and go ahhh "Fuck it."

Cali said...

Again, way late to the party, but I guess that's part of the catchin' up.

Anyway, here's my take: You cannot allow children, even adult children, to make your decisions for ya. You have more life experience and more wisdom. They only know what they know so far. For them, it's a choice between the hell they know, and something that may or may not be hell. They just THINK it will be hell because they don't know what else to expect.

P.S. Your current house looks EXACTLY like I had always imagined, except a mirror image. I thought the stairs were on the left. Isn't that a trip?

Lisa said...

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